Monday, February 28, 2011

Frock No. 28

Well folks, this frock finds us at the end of Frockruary and the end of an Aussie summer.  It was a difficult choice to make as to which dress I would end Frockruary on; I went for a dress which is a sewing achievement for me.  I learnt how to make bound buttonholes and I had the patience to hand stitch all my seems.
McCall's 5444

This dress is made from McCall's 5444 from 1960.  The fabric is a stretch cotton and was a mere $2 a metre from my local fabric store.  I originally made the dress with the pencil skirt, thinking the stretch of the fabric would give my butt some support in the fitted skirt.  What happened though was that my butt got way too much ease and did what it does.  It was not a good look.  I may make this dress again in a thick and supportive fabric.
I was a good blogger today and took some close ups of my bound button holes and my flash vintage buckle.  With practice those bound buttonholes will look very posh indeed.  The belt needed to be a couple of mm's slimmer to fit better.  I think I will make another belt in black and the removable collar in black too.

McCall's 5444
Here is my next project.  I am excited, It's going to be all candy and yum.

I really have to make Stella something too, I want to make her the jumpsuit in the top right hand corner, but she wants the dress in the bottom right.  I'll just make both,

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Frock No. 27

Hello.  Not so exciting, today's frock.  I did purchase it to be an everyday, summer frock, for lazing around the pool and house.
Today we went to the beach, so it was the best option.  Today's frock is by Miss Cherry.  It is comfy, but maybe needs the hem raised a bit??.  We went to the beach today, so this was the most appropriate dress left in my wardrobe.  This photo was taken, in front of the sandbags at Cotton Tree, at the Sunshine coast.  I totally need an old fashion swim suit that covers my whole body as I'm I have sun phobia.

Check out Stella's Gidget outfit, purchased a few weeks ago from my fave op shop for only 50c, she was a reluctant pin up today, boo hoo.  And Ginger's butt is to die for, if only but dimples were this cute our entire lives.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Frock No. 26

Eeek, 10 minutes left of the day.  I had better bloody well blog about my frock.
Today's frock is refashioned from a 1970's Japanese Kimono.  I had the Kimono for years before I refashioned it.  Now I wear my dress often.  The fabric feels so luxurious.  I basically used the sleeves to make the bodice.  In this instance a halter neck.  I probably could have fit the bust a bit better.  I really have had no good luck or good knowledge, thus fa,r when making halter necks.  Anyhow, the fabric's beauty far surpasses any poor sewing and fitting skills in this frock.
I went to a BBQ at my sister's place today and my uncle Wayne brought over for magazine size boxes of patterns from my Aunty.  Very exciting.  I will have to let you know how exciting.....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Frock No. 25

As it gets closer to the end of February, and the end of Frockruary, I feel an urgency to wear my most fabulous frocks before my time is up. 

My Pineapple dress, one of the funnest dresses I've made and worn.  Made from Vogue 6478.  It was a surprisingly easy dress to make considering the pattern had no printed instructions.  LOVES.
When I first wore this dress on Christmas day, I spent the whole time adjusting my strapless bra, which I was wearing with the back strap pulled down lower than the dress line.  Very uncomfortable.  I have since bought a stick on bra, which is two band aids basically, shaped like bra cups.  They were a little weird to apply, but I love the results.  I feel like a perky 20 year old again.  Babies and gravity are not kind to a woman's bosom.  And if I knew that when I was 20, I would have went bra less more often.
On another note, I was so worried about bound buttonholes, but I practiced last night.  It was really quite simple and the results are so pretty.  Just physically doing each step made it so much easier than picturing each step in my head.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Frock No. 24

What a lovely Garden Party Frock.  I purchased this dress from a Church Garage sale for the pricey sum of $1.  Worth every cent as it's been worn to a Wedding, High Tea, Hen's Party, and just because I love it.  It is 100% synthetic and needs a slip so it is strictly a cooler weather dress.  Dress it up with gold heels, belt and clutch, or down with ballet flats and a practical bag.
This dress is a Damon International a division of Leon Cutler, I'm guessing it's late 70's or early 80's.  Worn today with my all time favourite belt, wooden, with mother of pearl dots.  My Fret belt.

Damon International a division of Leon Cutler
Off to attempt some bound button holes.  I keep reading tutorials and books, but I don't think I will be able to do it until I give it a go; screaming, and unpicking; getting frustrated, trying and trying again.  Wish me luck, petals.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Frock No. 23

I have been looking forward to finishing this dress as I having been aching to wear my very fabulous handed beaded belt bought as a present from Mexico by my very fabulous and uber stylish friend Peter.
This is the first time ever I have made a dress from a block colour, not patterns.  Quite an achievement for moi, peppies.
It is made from McCall's 6673 from 1962.  The pattern cover is battered, the instructions are missing and also the pencil skirt pieces, however the 3 bodice options are all in there and it was simple to make even without the instructions.  I made view C with unmounted sleeves and I opted to shorten the sleeves.

McCall's 6673

A close up of my beaded belts

McCall's 6673

Attempting a do with hot curlers
I met up with my Auntie today and she teed me up some fabric that she inherited from an old lady that she helped to look after.  The pieces are mostly too little to make anything, however it is a lovely look at a dressmakers story, with pieces from the 50's through to the 80's.
A dressmaker's story
I also scored my Nan's old curtains, that are in Fab condition, and will make some lovely frocks.
Fab curtains.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Frock No.22

Yah, the weather has cooled down and I can feel comfortable as well as look fabulous.  Here is a frock  I made last year.  I made it literally the day of the night that we were having a party and was putting finishing touches to it as guests were arriving.  It was made from New Look 6699, the pink floral view minus the ruffles.  I had only 1/2 metre of the leopard cotton, so fitting the bodice was tight.
New Look 6699

I'm pretty excited about a dress I finished last night.  I took the time to hand stitch the seams and now I'm washing it to wear tomorrow.  I also just this morning received a dress in the mail from Bettie Page Clothing.  I had been eyeing it off for a while, then it went half price. *sigh* 
Also, if you have a few minutes, please check out my favourite band at the moment.  A local Brisbane band called Gentle Ben and His Sensitive side.  Their music is so damn sexy and their live performances are bloody awesome.
Gentle Ben and His Sensitive side U tube video

Monday, February 21, 2011

Frock No. 21

It is so hot here, a balmy 38 degrees Celsius in my backyard.  I have to keep wetting my hair just to keep cool.  Today is one of the busiest with mummy's taxi today, with all 3 whipper snappers have activities, the fruit shopping had to be done, I had to start dinner at lunchtime, put Ginny down for a nap, do some sewing (of course) and find a few minutes to blog.  Phew.
Anyway, today's frock is a vintage one, made by Gala Travelon.  Maybe from the 60's.  It's 70% tervlene ( I have never heard of this before)  and 30% linen.  Tervlene must be synthetic, as it doesn't need ironing.  It's bloody hot though.  It looks fresh and it's quite short, so I feel a little summery, but frankly everything is hot at the moment.  I'm pretty sure I'm feed up with Brisbane's summer.  And I believe it's a very mild 20 degrees in Melbourne.  Lucky southerners.
This is another 50center from the op shop.  I tried to give it away once, but my gal friend left it here, I wonder if that was on purpose?
Doesn't Ginger look adorable in her vintage cotton ruffle bottom romper?
We spent a few hours yesterday soaking up the beauty at our friend's new house.  They bought acreage, and as well as some beautiful man made gardens around their house they have a massive dam in the backyard.  Here is a hilarious photo of Ginger with the damn in the background.  Oh and a lovely hibiscus.  LOVE.
Ginger in her Japanese undies.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Frock No. 20

OMG.  It is sooo hot today, that as soon as I'm finished blogging about this dress I am headed for the pool.  We attempted to go to the Volkswagen Car Show today, but we all lasted about 10 minutes, way too hot.  It was in a car park off the highway.  All those lovely vans, wagons, buggys and bugs, they needed to be next to the beach somewhere, with a slight ocean breeze, not getting hot reflections off the bitumen car park.  I didn't even get any photos, it was too hot to stop.  We flew around stop for a few seconds top look at a van named Daisy that was all lovely and red on the outside, with white and red leather upholstery on the inside.
Anyhow, today's frock is one I purchased a few years ago now, One of the rare occasions when I have bought a brand new dress and paid full price.  I simply could not resist the polka dots and the shape is lovely. 
All the girls wore frocks today.  Stella is wearing Simplicity 7366 from 1976, pullover jumper, minus the pockets.  And Ginger is wearing Simplicity 5872, view 1, a little more involved than Stella's dress, but still pretty easy.  The thing I love about having 2 girls is that Stella's fab frocks will become Gingers and when they are older they will share (or maybe fight) their clothes.
Love sisters.
Simplicity 5872, Simplicity 7366, photo by Alby.

Simplicity 5872, Simplicity 7366

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Frock No. 19

An easy dress to wear for today as I will be in and out of the pool on this humid summer day.
I call this my Pocahontas Dress, it was an op shop find for 50 cents. 
Alby took my photo today and styled my shoes.  What a darling boy.

Frock No. 18.5

I decided to bring out the the gold frock for evening wear, as this Number is a little OTT for the school run.  How can I not have a good time in this sparkly frock.
This dress is Vintage from, maybe the 60's.  The tag says Bourne and Hollingsworth LTD, Oxford St W.I.  Sounds posh. I would not normally even look at a dress with this lower cut waist and pleats, as I never thought it was a flattering look for me, but this dress is literally golden.  I feel a little like Cleopatra.
Bourne and Hollingsworth

Friday, February 18, 2011

Frock No. 18

Fruity Cocktail Frock. 
This dress I finished yesterday, it sat in the too hard pile for a while and it has gone through some transformations.  I'm a bad blogger though, because I didn't take any during pictures.  It was just too traumatic, trust me, I looked like a ham.  It has now been made with a combination of 2 patterns, both altered slightly.  Style 4337, 1985 and Simplicity 9744, 1990.
I started this dress before I made my pineapple dress.  I was fixated on having an open back fruit dress, obviously!  The lime fabric initially was made with Style 4337, view 1, but was very unflattering.  I fortunately had enough fabric left to make a new bodice, from Simplicity 9744, view 2.  I have made this dress before, Frock, No. 2 and Frock No. 9.  Once again I made it with a lower back, and this time I got a picture of it.  I love the deep pockets, Ginger and went to the shops today, and I didn't need a bag at all, not even when I bought some new hair product and a comb, straight in the pockets.  The side of the pockets are in with the front panel of the skirt seam, which I like.  The skirt has only 3 panels, ooh different and unusual!
Ginger's dress, another fruity number, is an op shop find, handed down from her big sister Stella, it has been homemade by another Mummy somewhere, and much loved before it came into our home.  Are we not deliciously cute, with our matching fruitiness and head angles?


Style 4337

Simplicity 9744
We  popped in to a local op shop, one that is overflowing with stock and found these lovely bits of fabric.  The two floral pieces are vintage and only half a metre, so they will make something for the girls, after my self indulgent Frockruary.  There is 2.6 metres of the stripes, I feel giddy with the cuteness this fabric will make up as a dress!

Last thing, I love how Stella left her dolls yesterday and had to take a photo before cyclone Ginger destroyed it.
Now it's time to get ready to have some kind of fruity cocktail, eat Spanish tapas from a train and watch local band Gentle Ben and his Sensitive Side, with my husband in the Valley tonight.  Frock'n'Roll.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Frock No.17

This little number, I made in the spring.  I have been meaning to blog about it ever since, but never in my mummy schedule did I get a chance to take a photo.  The Frockruary challenge is especially good for this reason.
Made from McCalls's 2138 from 1969.  I made view C, even adding some bead trim.  The fabric is a light weight cotton, a market find, dating from the 60's.  Apart from the trim, this dress is so 60's baby.  At the time of making this dress I was in a hurry (I think I wanted to wear it the next day to a Tupperware party!); and omitted the facing from the arms and instead using bias binding and top stitched it too.  I love this pattern, it was very easy to make, and I love that I could cut a dress from approximately 2 metres of fabric.  Next time I will finish it more carefully for that posh look.
Since making this dress and reading a stack of blogs, I have been more careful in my execution.  I am a total self taught sewist (apart from grade 8 Home EC)  and have learnt so much since I have joined this blog world.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Frock No.16

Ugh, the walkaway dress.  I love the pattern, but hate how this looks on me.  I thought maybe it was the checks, but no, I just don't like it.  The whole thing was and is a drama.
Made from Retro Butterick B4790 a reprint of a 1952 pattern.  I cannot even remember where I first saw this dress made up, but I loved it instantly, just not on me.  I started making this dress in spring, (September 2010), but it was was too long in the bust.  I had to unpick a heap of the bias just to shorten the bust at the shoulders and by then I was quite bored, until the Frockruary Challenge 2011.  I literally finished it yesterday, washed it in the hopes it would sit better and after wearing it to school this morning (and sticking out like a sore thumb), I knew it needed more adjustments.  I added a button to the back fastening to pull the under dress tighter and it helped, but mostly the under dress rides up all the time.  Not to mention how large my hips and wide my shoulders look in this dress.
How to smuggle a baby in a walkaway dress

Walkaway Dress

On a very different note and coming at you from a whole different era and fashion point of view, here is a bit of fun Ginny and I had with a mullet, (gold tights and a flannel.)
Mullet and thigh cutting gold tights.

Ginger Mullet

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Frock No. 15

Let all the wild horses run free.  This dress is so easy to wear and I wear it a lot.  It was also easy to make.  I have blogged about it before.  Made from simplicity 8264 from 1978; it's a jiffy pattern.

Frock No. 14

I didn't get a blogg'n chance to post my frock yesterday.  It was a busy day with kids activities and I planned a Spanish feast for the family for valentine's Day, followed by a lush desert.
Here it is made from simplicity 6219 from 1965.  I love the fabric, not sure a bout the dress.
Dress now
I made this little diddy to wear to a friend's wedding.  I was breast feeding at the time, so the neckline was split a bit deeper and pinned together with a brooch.  I have since sewn it back up and made the neckline less sweetheart and more v.  The whole dress actually changed shape quite a bit as I took the darts right in to make it a shape more flattering.  I have since made this same dress for a gal friend, her dress was more successful, I put it down to fabric choice.  My dress is a really light cotton and my friend's dress was a vintage lace lined with satin.  Her dress showed off that empire line better.
Friend's dress
Original dress with breastfeeding access
Simplicity 6219

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Frock No.13

I have had a very lazy day, filled with a nap and a movie.  My dress today is a bit of a freestyle'n frock.  I traced the dress from a swing style top I had, lengthened it and added a big ruffle and skinny straps in a vintage cotton.  It's very east to wear, I don't even bother to iron the ruffle.  The photo is a bit blurry, but that's okay, that's the way I was feeling today.  Stella took it while balancing in plastic high heels.  She is such a slave to fashion!
Ginger is loving taking photos everyday and has to jump in the shot!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Frock No.12

This dress is one I have purchased, just last week, for a grand sum of $1.  It has been homemade, I can tell by the numerous thread colours used.  I'm pretty certain I may even have a very similar pattern in my stash.  The collar is probably meant to be worn up, but that's way too hot, and the sleeves down (they also have a contrasting white band), but the entire look is a little bit Nicky from Big Love.  I thing I will cut the sleeves at this 3/4 length and change the white band on the collar to a darker shade, maybe purple.  This dress has a side zip.  If you look closely the check fabric has a gold stripe through, tres' glamour.  It may become a fave, it was perfect to wear to the markets this morning as it kept the sun off my skin.
Off to finish off some more frocks, I would hate to loose my own challenge.