Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ginger A Go Go

Hey peeps, I have finally stopped talking about about screenprinting tees and done it.
The first range is Andy Warhol.  Three tshirts designed and screen printed in Brisbane, by moi.  I was lucky enough to find some vintage Bonds raglan tshirts, so the editions are small and the sizes and colours are spasmodic.
Please check out the Ginger a Go Go facebook page and like me there.  A few sizes will fit ladies if you love them.

Andy as a Clown
Andy Cross Dressing
Andy with Camera
My Models

Screen printed tags

Swing tags

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Presents, Prizes and an Op Shop Jackpot.

I've had an overindulgent weekend and now I'm paying for it.  I have been grain fee for 2 months now and have been feeling on top of the world, mum.  This weekend ever, was my birthday; on top a boozy lunch of bread, I had a creamy pasta for dinner and my fair share of cake.  I feel tired and cranky.  What better way to cheer myself up than a good ol' fashion rummage in my favourite op shops.
Before I show you today's treasure, I will share my favourite presents, from 2 of my gal pals.  Why is it friends get your style more than family?
Printed Mary Janes and a 1930's brooch.
 I have also been lucky enough to win a prize from Esz over at Kitty's Drawings blog.  One of her most fabulous drawings done on the computer and a 1940's pattern. Yah, such a lucky girl.  Check out Esz's blog, she is on talented lass, with loads of style.
My awesome prizes.
I almost didn't go into the third and finally op shop on my trawls today, but I hadn't been for a while and I needed that extra pick up.  Soooo glad I did, check out the editions to my growing stash, most of the women's patterns are my size and the girl's are perfect size for Stella.  Totally bummed about one of the McCall's dress patterns, I had been chasing the style for a while, but the previous owner cut the dress into a skirt and didn't keep the bodices.  Damn it!  Oh well you win some and you lose some.
The Kid's patterns

My 2 faves

Adult's patterns

My faves, check out that fab cape.
The morning of my birthday was spent at the doctors'.  Gi Gi has a green stick fracture, very common apparently.  She got caught up in one of Alby's rope traps, that he has been loving making lately.  Poor sausage.  Isn't she cute though in her iddy biddy cast.  Ginger chose the colour too.
Gi Gi in her cast
After lunch, we checked out IMA (Institute of Modern Art).  I loved this work, reminds me of the Round Heads that my friend Philip Colley has made.
Round Head
On a final note.......I have finally started a limited edition of Artist series of silk screen printed t-shirts.  My first 3 designs are Andy Warhol, coz he is my favourite.  Here is the first cab off the ranks.  This is the tag, actually, that will let you know how many were made. 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Ghastly Yellow

This yellow is Ghastly and I like it.  It is a really manufacture yellow.  I think it has a 70's feel, when colours were borderline offence.  Which is perfect for the beignet skirt, which also has a 70's feel. 

I have been eyeing off the beignet skirt by Collette Patterns for a while.  (I think I first saw it over at Tilly and the Buttons).  And like I read today, en route through Fortitude Valley, "The more you think of it, the bigger it gets."  It got to the point where I figured I would not stop thinking about it, until I had it in my hot little hands.

Once I figured out what size I might be, I set off to find what seemed to be way too much fabric to make my Beignet skirt, and it was.  My local fabric shop had this ghastly yellow, in what feels a little like wool for $2 a metre and the lining was also $2 a metre.  The fancy facing was some craft fabric I bought once, with no idea for what it would be used.  The 12 lovely buttons are courtesy of Tasia at Sewaholic.  I won them for her 200 follower giveaway. (yah)

I can read things 20 times and it does not make sense to me, until I do it.  I am a visual learner I guess.  Once I got moving on this pattern it was quite easy to make.  This skirt had sooo many pattern pieces, but it was worth it, as the fit is bloody awesome.  I love the high waist as I am able to wear some shortish tops I have in my wardrobe since "Before Baby" days when my stomach was flat.

Today's top I have had since my Uni days (circa 1996), but I don't think I ever comfortably wore it, it has a band on the bottom that rides up when it is not tucked in.  I love it though as it has 1976 printed all over it and that is my birth year.  I am wearing my all time favourite belt made of wood with little mother of pearl dots on each piece.  It resembles a guitar neck, so I like to call this my fret belt.  My hand bag was given to me by my Auntie Deb, her friend gave it to her, I think she said it was from the 1960's.  It's real snakeskin people.....  One of my most treasured accessories.  All in all, I love this outfit.

Once I started to make my skirt I knew right away that I had to take photos in front of this ghastly yellow building.  Perfect location.  Stella and I had fun taking photos of each other today and we both think the Pop Art setting is totally fab.

Today has been uplifting as I visited my nephew in hospital.  He had heart surgery a few days ago and is doing splendidly.  Nobody thought little Ransom was going to make it when he was born.  The first 10 months were mostly spent in ICU, at the hospital.  But his is a strong little guy and so adorable.  Every time the nurse or doctor came near him he closed his eyes in the hope they wouldn't see him, or perhaps he though if they thought he was a sleep, they would leave him alone.  Aaww, he makes my heart sing.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Rita's Patterns.

OMG, I'm like a kid in a candy store.  I picked up Rita's patterns today.  I wore her sunny yellow frock and she was thrilled to see it being worn.  I think it made her chock a bit.  I meant to get a photo with Rita today, but alas I forgot in the excitement.  I have lovingly gone through them, straightened the packets listed them bagged them and looked some up on line.

Some packets are in poor condition, others are brilliant for their age, but mostly the patterns look in good nick.  Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Only one pattern resembles any of the Rita's dresses.  Undated simplicity pattern, circa 1958, as this was one of Rita's honeymoon dresses.  The unworn pineapple dress.
Pineapple dress pattern
McCall's 1950's
A fave.

Another fave.
McCall's 1960's
Love this

And this
McCall's 1970's
Vogues 1960, no date and 1958


Style 1970's

Simplicity 1960's

Simplicity 1970's

Definitely making this asap.

I love the internet, I was able to print out the covers for the last five patterns.  The last five patterns were in various states, all have no covers, some have no instructions and some have only the bodice or blouse.