Sunday, February 27, 2011

Frock No. 27

Hello.  Not so exciting, today's frock.  I did purchase it to be an everyday, summer frock, for lazing around the pool and house.
Today we went to the beach, so it was the best option.  Today's frock is by Miss Cherry.  It is comfy, but maybe needs the hem raised a bit??.  We went to the beach today, so this was the most appropriate dress left in my wardrobe.  This photo was taken, in front of the sandbags at Cotton Tree, at the Sunshine coast.  I totally need an old fashion swim suit that covers my whole body as I'm I have sun phobia.

Check out Stella's Gidget outfit, purchased a few weeks ago from my fave op shop for only 50c, she was a reluctant pin up today, boo hoo.  And Ginger's butt is to die for, if only but dimples were this cute our entire lives.

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