Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ginger A Go Go

I have had a pants post to share, but it seriously did not please me greatly.  I had minor success but they have not been overly fabulous.

I have however been dutifully sewing through my stash of fabric and patterns.  Making a stack of garments.  I have decided to make frocks to fit others.  Share the love.  I call this venture Ginger A Go Go. 
It has started with a photo shoot at beautiful Scarborough on Friday and last night I went to the West End Twilight Markets to promote my services.  I sold a few things, it wasn't  a smashing success, but hopefully I get some calls from like minded lasses that need to be frocked up.

The photo shoot was amazing.  I loved styling it.  The first time model was a gorgeous mum from school who I accosted, Indwe.  And the photographers are friends, Rebecca and Dean,  who are launching a photo taking business.  Hair was done by another friend named Simone.  We channeled Frieda, Rita, Audrey and Marilyn.  The day was perfect and the photos make me happy.
I hope you like them too.