Sunday, February 20, 2011

Frock No. 20

OMG.  It is sooo hot today, that as soon as I'm finished blogging about this dress I am headed for the pool.  We attempted to go to the Volkswagen Car Show today, but we all lasted about 10 minutes, way too hot.  It was in a car park off the highway.  All those lovely vans, wagons, buggys and bugs, they needed to be next to the beach somewhere, with a slight ocean breeze, not getting hot reflections off the bitumen car park.  I didn't even get any photos, it was too hot to stop.  We flew around stop for a few seconds top look at a van named Daisy that was all lovely and red on the outside, with white and red leather upholstery on the inside.
Anyhow, today's frock is one I purchased a few years ago now, One of the rare occasions when I have bought a brand new dress and paid full price.  I simply could not resist the polka dots and the shape is lovely. 
All the girls wore frocks today.  Stella is wearing Simplicity 7366 from 1976, pullover jumper, minus the pockets.  And Ginger is wearing Simplicity 5872, view 1, a little more involved than Stella's dress, but still pretty easy.  The thing I love about having 2 girls is that Stella's fab frocks will become Gingers and when they are older they will share (or maybe fight) their clothes.
Love sisters.
Simplicity 5872, Simplicity 7366, photo by Alby.

Simplicity 5872, Simplicity 7366

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