Friday, December 17, 2010

Pineapple, yummy yummy.

I have attempted recently to make a fruity summery dress for this festive season.
I tried the infamous Butterick  4790 walkaway dress, but the waist was way too long and all that bias binding is Way to time consuming to remove.  I looked alot like a picnic blanket, eek. It's been filed in the LATER basket.
I also attempted a 90's version of the vogue 6478, in a very fruity lime print, except with a very full skirt.  The style 4337 pattern, made me look like Christmas ham, flavoured with limes.  I may be able to salvage a skirt from it, but for now it's been put in my LATER basket.

After searching Ebay and paying only $5, I found Vogue 6478, the envelope is tatty, but the pattern was unused in factory folds.  I am in love with this pattern.  It was pretty easy to make, once I ignored the unclear instructions.  I even fully lined it.  I spent some time hand stitching openings, the zip and the hem.  I am as pleased as a pineapple punch.  No alteration needed.  I really ought to stop buying prints though, it was tricky to line the pineapple up so my but wasn't ginormous!  Oh and I had to buy a new bra and wear in in a crazy way.  If I hadn't had 3 babies and breastfed them for a total of 4 years combined, I may have got a way with no bra. 
Anyhoo here are a couple of picks of my Fruity festive frock!

And here are my options for my next project.  Hmm, a skirt or a dress.....

Crying Boy

What a find. A few months ago, I found this print, unframed at a garage sale for $8.  Recently I sold some handmade treassure at a market and decide to frame my little darling.  While at the frame shop I walked into an op shop and found a girl version, for $12.  I couldn't leave her there, she needed a home, so I now ave 2 crying children. 

Why do they cry?  I don't know, but they are so lovely.  My kids are fascinated by them, as I am, but I can't keep collecting them can I?  That's a bit morbid, a house filled with crying children.
The girl print has some water damage at the bottom.  I am reluctant to change the dimensions of the print, but am unsure if I can remove the water marks, Tut!
They are both by an Artist called G or J Bragolin.  He has done numerous crying children.  But my little boy is by far the most beautiful. 
The crying boy looks a lot like Alby, except with brown eyes. 

Stella the Artist

What do you buy people who have everything?  You get your almost 7 year old to paint portraits of them.  Stella lives with a pencil in her hand and is always leaving paper everywhere, so she rose to the challenge of painting portraits.  I can't show them all, for fear of certain people seeing them, but here is a sneak peak.
Hard at work

Ginger having a go

One of the finished portraits

Christmas Cheer

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here.  It's hot and stormy this year in Brisbane, which beats hot and dry.  The kids are all home from school and learning to play in the dynamic of 3 again.  The tree is up and some presents are made and wrapped.
It has been a while between blogs, as I have been a very busy mummy.  As well as sewing up some Chrissie pressies for teachers and family and friends, all of which I have not documented, (due to last minute sewing and giving and posting);  there has been school break up parties and Stella's 7th birthday party.

My fave retro style decoration on the tree.

Gi Gi with my real vintage angel, it plays music and turns.     
Kindy break up party food, so yummy.

Stella's Pool Party
It was a pretty wet day, but that didn't stop the girl's swimming.
Rather than a goody bag packed with lollies and cheap toys, I opted to make a few Betty Boop beach bags.  For a fun activity and a goody to pop in the bag, I bought the girls some thongs and they decorated them by knotting on strips of different coloured fabric, (great way to use some remnants).  Unfortunately I wasn't very good at getting photos of the ambient surroundings, blow up palm trees, tropical punch in goblets with straws and parasols and the pool looked fab with stacks of colourful floaties, but it was a smashing success.

The cake looks fabulous, but tasted like pure sugar.