Monday, February 7, 2011

Frock No 6.

Oops.  I'm a day late posting this as I was knackered after a huge a Saturday of eating and swimming.

This is one of my fave dresses of all time.  A t-shirt fabric and a simple yet flattering style.  I bought it from my all time favourite op shop for only 50c.  She is on her last legs, so I have to self draft myself a pattern and recreate it.  I love the hand printed gold leaves.  This is the dress that has inspired me to combine my love of sewing and screen printing.
The wood fire oven had a full workout on Saturday.  Pizza for lunch (which I couldn't eat because I'm on a grain free diet), char grilled chicken kebabs and roast pork and salads made from roast veges for dinner.  I'm afraid I didn't get too many pictures as I was terribly busy.

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