Friday, December 17, 2010

Pineapple, yummy yummy.

I have attempted recently to make a fruity summery dress for this festive season.
I tried the infamous Butterick  4790 walkaway dress, but the waist was way too long and all that bias binding is Way to time consuming to remove.  I looked alot like a picnic blanket, eek. It's been filed in the LATER basket.
I also attempted a 90's version of the vogue 6478, in a very fruity lime print, except with a very full skirt.  The style 4337 pattern, made me look like Christmas ham, flavoured with limes.  I may be able to salvage a skirt from it, but for now it's been put in my LATER basket.

After searching Ebay and paying only $5, I found Vogue 6478, the envelope is tatty, but the pattern was unused in factory folds.  I am in love with this pattern.  It was pretty easy to make, once I ignored the unclear instructions.  I even fully lined it.  I spent some time hand stitching openings, the zip and the hem.  I am as pleased as a pineapple punch.  No alteration needed.  I really ought to stop buying prints though, it was tricky to line the pineapple up so my but wasn't ginormous!  Oh and I had to buy a new bra and wear in in a crazy way.  If I hadn't had 3 babies and breastfed them for a total of 4 years combined, I may have got a way with no bra. 
Anyhoo here are a couple of picks of my Fruity festive frock!

And here are my options for my next project.  Hmm, a skirt or a dress.....


  1. lurvely!
    pineapple dresses are the new black.

  2. I commented on the Sew Retro post, but now I've seen the front as well, it's an awesome dress!

    I vote for the two McCall Patterns, either one is fine please! Love your blog!