Sunday, March 27, 2011

Candy Stripes

This is my candy explosion dress.  We went to GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art) in Brisbane last week to check out the 21st Century exhibition again, and my dress just went all too well with Yayoi Kusama's,  Soul Under the Moon installation.
Candy stripes in Soul under the moon
This dress is made using Simplicity 7715 from 1970.  The cover states this is a Designer Fashion, but lists no names.  It is also a New Sizing, for narrow shoulders.  This suits my shape, as I always have to alter the shoulders and back.
Front view

Back View
Simplicity 7715
I love my new front wrap stripey dress, but it has an overwhelming issue that needs to be fixed.  The hem is just not flat.  I was hoping that a wash and an iron would fix it, but it did not.   Dag nab it.  Where I failed with this dress was in the lining.  I used a pink fabric that was in my stash, and it was heavier than the stripey fabric and they didn't fall in the same way.  Also, I initially thought I could make this dress reversible, but it was totally doing my head in trying to figure out how to do that.   I attached the lining at the neck and down both the left and right sides, then gave up.  I used facing on the armholes and totally bodged up the hem.

I really like this dress however and next time, because I am planning the next time, I will follow the instructions to a tee.  I have a wedding coming up next spring. The next dress will be in a sparkly baby blue vintage fabric that I scored at the markets for a steal and I will splurge and buy vintage beading that I have spotted at a bead and trimming shop for $22 a metre.  Eek.  It will still work out to be a super bargain frock.

I know of a fabric shop in Redcliffe that is overflowing with vintage finds if you can be bothered to dig through the mammoth mess.  They have many rows of trimmings that was making me giddy.  In the end I only bought 2 different types as I had no real plan on how I wanted to use them and I could not stop thinking about the beaded trimming I had already seen at a South Brisbane Trimming and Bead shop.  I did buy my boy/girl Ginger an adorable pair of 1970's school shorts made by King Gee and a old school bonds T-shirt in a dirty green.
Gi Gi in her King Gees

overwhelming selection of trims
Oh and here is the last circle skirt I made for a girl friend's dancing queen.  Fully loaded with a purple fluffer skirt too.  Loves.  I may need to plan a Rock'n'Roll party for all these well dress bobby sockers.
Cat applique


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rita's Dresses.

I got a call from Rita yesterday to tell me she dug out her dresses and asked me if I was interested.  "Hell Yes!"

I feel like I've won lotto and robbed someone at the same time.  Rita was sad to see her dresses go, but knew she had to let them go.  I assured her they were going to a good home where they would be loved.

I had to rush home and try them on.  What a mission, 50's zips in dresses are short and hence frustratingly tight to get on and off especially when I am in a hurry to quickly try the next one on.
Rita's mum made most of the dresses, so the patterns of these dresses will be in the stash that Rita is picking up soon.  Excited. 

The blue spotty dress is a dress Rita made herself when she did a short  dressmaker's course.  It was a self drafted pattern.  Well worn and with lots of  age spots.  I will have to see how it washes.
I look flustered in this shot, it was the last one I tried on
I really like the bodice on this one and it looked familiar and wah lah, look what I found in my stash.
This next sunny yellow dress is Rita's favourite, she wore it when she her and her husband were courting.  She tells me if this dress was washed and ironed then she had to wear it.  I think it's my favourite too.

Rita's mum was always asking Rita why she didn't wear the blue dress she made her, and that's when she wore it.  The colours are amazing on this dress.

The next two dresses were made for Rita's honeymoon, but Rita said she fell pregnant straight away and never wore them.  She gained weight while pregnant and never lost it, so these dresses are fresh and perky.  Notice the pineapple print.  Lucky me to have two pineapple print dresses.

I feel a little sad, because Rita never socialized much once she was married.  Sad for Rita, but it has preserved the loveliness of these dresses as they have been in the back of Rita's cupboard since 1958.
The next two dress are not so pleasing for me, total polyester and either not flattering or just not my size.

A little better with a belt.

I also got a lovely handmade slip from the 50's, not photographed.

Stella was my photographer today and hopes one day to wear these dresses too.

Rita hasn't gotten rid of anything and she has lived in her house since she was married.  I feel giddy thinking about the treasure she has.   Rita mentioned that she needs to start packing the house up and getting rid of some belongings.  Is it wrong to ask to go to her house and see her home?

Oooo and I can't wait to get Rita's patterns.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vintage Darlings.

Check out these Vintage Darlings.  I love that Stella loves her vintage styles as much as her Mumma.  And the other little girl is my friend Mazzy's little girl Lili.  Cute a s buttons.

I have been going to the local trash and treasure style markets for years now and never found any old patterns.  I have bought vintage bias binding, ric rac, wrapping paper and other lovely goodies from a lady that use to have a haberdashery shop in the 70's.  A few weeks ago I accosted her and queried whether she had any patterns from her shop days.  She replied that she had patterns from when she was a dress maker but they were stored somewhere at her house.  Being the elderly woman that she is she told me the longest story about how she never throws anything out and that before she was married in 1948 she was my size and that she still had all her dresses.  Anyway, I got a phone call from Rita on the weekend and her brother has all her Mum's patterns still and that I can buy them.  A lot of 40 patterns for $30.  It's like Christmas people, my heart skipped a beat and I can barely wait.  Early April is when I should get them all.  Yippee.  It has inspired Rita to find her stash too.  Excited!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rock'n'Roll saved my life.

How adorable are little girls in full circle skirts teamed with tulle underlays.    I have been on a  mission lately, making skirts as presents and also just because.  I have added poodles, cats, and sweetie appliques, some made from vintage fabric swatches on the skirts; topped with sequins and fake diamonds.  Ah, every girl's dream (except for Ginger, who loves her boy's clothes!)  I wish I was was my Mummy when I was a little girl, but then maybe I wouldn't be into sparkles and frocks now.  Here are my girls Stella and Ginger and my friend's daughter Lili twirling like noting else.
Banana splits

Action shot

Close up of cat and poodle applique

Ginger, just because she is Gorgeous

Poor Al, looking on.

Wallflowers?  Never.

Lili, Stella and Ginger.  Totally cute.

So that's what they wear under their skirts.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sherbert Kisses

I was so blogging over blogging from Frockruary, that I gave it a rest.  However I don't want you lovelies to forget me so here is a sneaky peak at my latest stripeylicous frock. 
It's really hard to get a good photographer round here.  This photo is taken by my 2 year old, Ginger.  Isn't it yummy.  I will endeavour to get a few good shots when I have a bit more time.
I am making lots of little girl skirts, perfect for twirling.  I will also start on Alby's bedroom transformation.  It's been the play room for too long now.  Here is a before shot.  Now he wants volcanoes......
I'm very pleased and excited to have my girlfriend Kelly and her daughter Lili coming to Brisvegas from Japan.  They are leaving a scary place.  I only hope her husband comes soon too.  Poor Japan,  I hope she will be alright after all this mind blowing destruction and loss.