Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Frock No. 14

I didn't get a blogg'n chance to post my frock yesterday.  It was a busy day with kids activities and I planned a Spanish feast for the family for valentine's Day, followed by a lush desert.
Here it is made from simplicity 6219 from 1965.  I love the fabric, not sure a bout the dress.
Dress now
I made this little diddy to wear to a friend's wedding.  I was breast feeding at the time, so the neckline was split a bit deeper and pinned together with a brooch.  I have since sewn it back up and made the neckline less sweetheart and more v.  The whole dress actually changed shape quite a bit as I took the darts right in to make it a shape more flattering.  I have since made this same dress for a gal friend, her dress was more successful, I put it down to fabric choice.  My dress is a really light cotton and my friend's dress was a vintage lace lined with satin.  Her dress showed off that empire line better.
Friend's dress
Original dress with breastfeeding access
Simplicity 6219


  1. I reckon yours'd be cuter taken up to about knee-length. I like the colours. And, thanks, you're making me feel better about my expanding dress collection now!

  2. Thanks for the tip Jane, I'm always looking for some unbiased advice. I don't usually like to show my knees, but I will try. I love the colours too. I'm always interested to see a dress collection and am now keeping an eye on yours ;)