Friday, September 30, 2011

SSS ' 11 Days 28, 29, 30.

These last few days of September have been crazy.
Day 28, was spent looking after a couple of extra kids, while trying to sew some things for someone else.  (I'll blog that later, as it's bit exciting).   I wore a black skirt  I made years ago.  It is looking a little worse for wear, but is very practical.  I will have to make myself another one.  Now I'm a more accomplished sewist, it will be practical, and fabulous.  Ginger was "helping" me make dinner.

Day 29, the day before Alby's 6th birthday and his party.  I literally spent the whole day cleaning and preparing for the onslaught.  And was up all night making cake.  Our downstairs area is also home to my sewing corner, so I had to put alot of stuff out of the line of fire.  I wore a tshirt I made and a pair of dusty pink cords that I cut off years ago and found recently.  I wonder why I cut them off.....

Day 30 and the day of the party.  What was I thinking letting 12, 6-8 year olds tear through my house?  It was alright really, Alby had fun.  I don't thinks kids parties are ever fun for Mummys.  I had a mini disaster when my frankfurts for mini hot dogs cooked too long, split and curled.  Thank goodness for mother in laws.  Mine was able to duck to the shops and then keep a watchful eye on them dang little things while they cooked.  The kids love mini hot dogs!
I wore a recently made high waisted pencil skirt, in a lovely shade of blue.  I do really dig this shape, and it was very comfortable as the most fitted part is higher than my tum, which tends to bulge after hot dogs, punch and lollies!  I will do a separate post on this skirt, with pattern details, as it is fabulous. 
Here is my 6 year old and I after the guests had all gone.  I made Al's shorts last night.  I would like to make them shorter, but he likes them this length.  O well, at least he will grow into them.  Dr Zeus, cute.  He loves them.  And I love him.

30 days of wearing items that I made myself wasn't too difficult, but it does highlight the fact that most of the things I make are too fabulous for cleaning, being sick in and basic lazing around the house.  I may need a few humble house dresses.  And  I definately need more separates. 
I thoroughly enjoyed Self Stitch September.  For the joy of wearing things I made, (I feel a real sense of pride) and checking in on other SSS'ers to admire their fabulous garments and style.
Next month, eek, starting tomorrow is Frocktober.  Every day in October I will wear a dress, either made by me, someone else or store bought.  I can do this easily, but I fear I will have the same dilemma as SSS, with days at home.  I think I will just pretend for October that I am a Stepford wife, don an apron from my collection of thrifted aprons. Or better yet, make sure that I do something a little glamorous everyday, to warrant a fabulous frock.  I will post my frocks weekly here.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

SSS '11 Days 25, 26 and 27

I have a few moments spare while the potato chippies are cooking to share my last few Self Stitched September outfits.
Day 25, impressively, a few days after purchasing this apple fabric I actually made the intended garment.  Made from Butterick 3865, from the 70's.  The packaging says it's fast and easy and it was.  I was worried about the front zip. but for no good reason.  I accidentally matched the apples on the front seam pretty well.  I love the waist band, it's super comfy.  I am also wearing a tshirt I made.

Day 26, I wore the dress I made for the first day of spring last year.  There is a little bit of an effort is wearing this as it is hefty to iron.  I sometimes think I want to change the skirt of this dress from gathered to swingy. Maybe one day.  It is easier and more exciting to make something new!!  I almost forgot to take a photo.  I only remembered when it was time to bath the kiddies.

Day 27, I am wearing this breezy little camisole I whipped up last night from a early 90's pattern..  The fabric is very soft and the graphics are very 80's.  I am trying to find a good pattern for making a few little tops for Brisbane's hot summer.  This one is ok, I need to have the patience to make my own bias binding for the purpose of finishing tops like this one.  It was nice to get into my jeans after wearing so may skirts, the weathers turned a little cool.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

SSS '11, Day 24 Sundaes on a Saturday

I have had this Michael Miller, Sundae fabric in my possession for a while and have finally made it up into a little halter neck dress.

A friends Mum gave me a pile of her old patterns mostly from the 70's.  All totally wearable and summery and mostly my size.  Made from Style 4859 from 1975.  It was a cinch to make a really quick.  I think I will have to make at least one more for the summer.

It is not the most flattering for a curvaceous bosom, but then the 70's were never about ample cleavage, so I'm okay with the way it looks.  Next time I make it, I will add a couple of inches to the hem as I don't like showing my knees much.

SSS '11, Days 20, 21 and 23

I am enjoying this spring weather and the extra energy I have this week.
Day 20, was a spring clean day and I went for a go to outfit, a skirt and a tank.  I was so involved in my spring cleaning that I neglected to take a photo of it on my body, but I got a shot of the fabulous 80's fabric that I made my skirt from.  I love these colours.  I wish I made a more swishy skirt instead of a straight, oh well.

Day 21.  I made this skirt just the night before, from a 20 cent curtain.  I really wanted a swishy skirt.  It took me an hour in total.  It is made from a 70's pattern cut on the bias.  I love it, the colours are very springy.  Go to tank top here.  I did a spot of fabric shopping with a couple of lady friends who I will make some garments for.  A bit exciting.  I was a little naughty, I couldn't resist this bold apple fabric that I will make up into a skirt (today I think).

Day 22.  I decided to take the kids to Bribie Island for a frolic on the beach and went for a nautical skirt that I whipped up.  I had been wanting to make a border skirt on a diagonal, but I didn't have enough fabric left over from Alby's bedroom curtains.  Made from a simple 60's skirt pattern.  I'm hoping the fabric softens up a bit. It stands up by itself.  I look knackered, because I am.  Kids, driving, beach, ice creams, op shops; phew!

We made a mermaid using a stack of shells.  What fun.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SSS '11, Days 16, 17, 18 and 19

Yah, for school holidays.  No more lunches made in the mornings and dinners made at lunch time.  No more racing out the door, hopping to get to school before 2nd bell.  For 2 weeks anyway.  Although it should be a quiet time of rest, with 3 kiddies and a spring cleaning project started, there's no rest for this busy mama. 

On Saturday, Day 16, we went to a friends BBQ.  I am wearing my Harry high pants on this glorious spring day, chilling on the grass, with Ginger taking my photo.  Later that night my husband and I went to see Custard play at the Powerhouse.  It was a sit down affair, very strange thing, I am so use to shaking my groove thing to Custard.
Sunday was scorching hot and very hazy, it felt like a summer's day.  Day 17, I wore my Religious Frock.  I hung around at home for most of the day, but then met up with a girlfriend to see Gentle Ben and his Sensitive Side, a super sexy sounding Brisbane band, all the way into the city a relaxing 50minute train ride.  It was a great show and so many lovely spring dresses to admire.  I received a few compliments on my little number, always noice.
Day 18.  This is controversial.  I just finished these either late 1940's or early 1950's regulation trouser's from Vogue 6285, last week, and I though they looked ok.  And a bonus they are super comfy, but I had 2 people close to me tell me 'honestly' that they are terrible, my own mother included.  The ankles look a little strange, I think they are tad too long, but I like them!!  I probably won't wear them again though.  Also the white shoes were the wrong choice.  It was early, I was on my way to my mum's and didn't really check the complete look, eek.
Vogue 6285

Today, day 19 was spent cleaning curtains, making curtains and buy curtain hanging fixtures.  Alby's room is almost finished, yah, it's getting exciting.  In a way Stella's room will get a mini makeover as Alby was crowding the glamour of that girl's room.  Oh, I wore a 1960's, 6 gored skirt, navy blue with little red anchors and white dots.  Comfortable.
Please be honest (but not blunt or cruel) about my controversial trousers.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

SSS '11 Days 13, 14 and 15

Phew, I have been crook as a dog the last couple of days and unwilling to post my outfits, until now. 

 Day 14, on location in my Diner dress with my Julie belt, a busy day spent taking the kiddies to gymnastics and a little fruit shopping.  Looking perky before going down hill fast a dinner time.

Day 15 a 1970's t-shirt worn with jeans, kinda plain but I was feeling horrible and I wanted to be comfy.

Day 16, a picture with the family pooch, Sonny.  I'm still feeling rotten, so wanted to be super comfy, which my horses dress definitely is.
Must drag myself to bed with a good book.  I would much rather be sewing but my condition will not allow me to.

Monday, September 12, 2011

SSS '11 Days 10, 11 & 12

I've got some Self Stitch September catching up to do.  Days 10, 11 and 12.

horse dress for day 10, as we went to the races.  Never drink Champagne before lunch!!!

I couldn't bare to show my hung over face on this day.  Wearing a sorbetto top at Stella's gymnastics competition. for Day 11.  Two things that shouldn't go together, hungover at gymnastics!!!

A 1970's dress with a bit of bias swing for day 12.

You'll go Riding with the Horses

That's the way it's gonna be little Darling.....  An invitation to a day at the Races and some vintage horse themed fabric meant that I made myself a new frock.

Made from McCall's 5891 from 1961.  A simple yet stunning dress with a low back.  I opted to line the dress with some cotton voile for modesty, so I left off the facing.  Because the horse fabric was vintage I had to slim the skirt shape a little, omit the pockets and make a contrasting belt.  I chose to put the bow detail on the back above the zip just to cover that little gap and made the belt bowed, because I really do think the bow is sweet.  I also added horse hair braid in the hem to give a nice full skirt.  I do really like this dress and I think I will make a slim skirt version.  Va voom.
McCall's 5891
 I literally made this dress the day before and was really hoping I didn't stuff anything up.  Thankfully it was all smooth sailing. Looking at the pictures, there are a couple of fitting issues with the bodice, I am always slouching though, so perhaps it is a lot to do with posture.
close up
The line up

Friday, September 9, 2011

SSS' 11 Day 9, Blowing in the wind.

I tried to dress for a warm spring day, but the weather has turned bitterly cold and damn windy.  Day 9 of SSS '11 includes my skirt and top.
When I made the skirt I added a couple of inches to the seems to allow for my plentiful hips, however it was unnecessary and now the fabulous pockets go round past the side seams.  I have been meaning to make this 1950's skirt again and blog about how fabulous it is, it just hasn't happened yet.  I always have a stack of projects lined up in my head half of which I don't get around to.
The 1970's top I made when I was breast feeding and it never fit my ample bosom.  As a result I gave it to my sister.  Now she is breast feeding and I get it back.  You gotta love sisters.  I will make one like this for myself though, or a halter neck dress.
Ooo, I look cranky...

with a cardy

Thursday, September 8, 2011

sss '11 Day 8, Preppy Punk

I've spent the morning at Al's Prep classroom again, so opted for this straight seemingly conservative striped skirt that I have made.  On closer inspection though you will see that it is a fab zip print.  I love this print by Henry Alexander ( I think).  I cannot, no matter my intention, pass by a novelty print.  Have you noticed my necklace?  One of the best presents I have received ever!  Sarah Jessica wore the same pendant in Sex and the City.  There you have SSS '11, day 8.
Oh, and here is a sneak peak at Alby's room that I have been painting with horizontal stripes and volcanoes.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

SSS '11 Day 7, Don't Leave Me Hanging on the Telephone

Lunch with a Girlfriend today meant that I could comfortably get away with wearing my gorgeous, juvenile girl dress for SSS '11 Day 7.  I love the fabric of the skirt of this dress and held onto it for a few years before I made this early 1970's dress.  I also made the little yellow wrist purse I am holding.  There is no being subtle in this bright number.
I'm going to the races this Saturday, so I simply must make a new frock!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

SSS'11 Day 6

Here is SSS '11 Day 6.  I have a busy day ahead of me, with all that usual mummy stuff plus some DIY renovations.  I am putting some lovely stripes on Alby's bedroom walls today, hopefully I can share some pics soon.  The 2 paneled skirt, I made quickly an eon ago from a baby cot sheet, trimmed with bias binding.  And the t-shirt I screen printed an even longer eon ago.  It's a picture of Stella as a Clown.  Ginger is also wearing a SSS ensemble today.  Mummy made shorts with little kitty cats on them and every little rocker needs a Led Zeppelin tee, this was also printed by me.

Monday, September 5, 2011

SSS'11 Day 4 & 5, Melow Yellow and Blue Moon

Hey peps, 2 Self Stitched September days in one, as yesterdays Father's Days celebration got a wee bit boozy.
A total Colette look here, with a beignet skirt and a sorbetto top.  Very Sunshiney.   I had to sit down, so little Ginger could fit me in the frame.  SSS '11 day 4.
Today, being Monday, I wanted to be super comfy, which this frock is.  If only it wasn't so painful to iron worn with some dashing pink accessories.  Again, I had to be smaller so Ginger could fit me in frame.  And there you have SSS '11 day 5.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

SSS '11 Day 3, Lemony Snicket

Today is a relaxing day at home with the whipper snappers.  A very creative photo today by Alby age 5.  Day 3 of SSS'11.
I am wearing a tiny gingham check full skirt that ended up being too big for my waist, but lovely low and comfy on my hips.  It was made from a 1950's pattern that originally had buttons up the front, but that reminded me of a skirt my mum had in the 80's, so I opted to insert a zip at the back.
A perfect day for climbing the tree with some cousins, or just hanging out with your furry chest out.

Friday, September 2, 2011

SSS '11 Day 2, Fly me to the moon.....

This dress makes me feel like traveling....... So Ginger and I tracked down the Brisbane Bus Lines depot, because their graphics are in keeping with the 60's mode of transport feel and this dress is Pan Am 60's, to have a little photo shoot.  Can you believe my three year old took these shots, clever little chook.

This dress is made from McCall's 6139 from 1961.  I love the kimono sleeves and the the bound pocket openings.  The position of the pockets is great too, it feels like a coat when I put my hands in them.  I used a cotton spandex fabric for this dress, I chose this fabric solely on colour, this apple green is yummy.  I think the stretch factor is good for the bodice and bad for the the pockets, which gape a little.  Also, the fabric is not so drapey, which I didn't think would mater so much for this 4 gore dress, however the photos tell me differently as the skirt kinda juts out rather than hugs my shape, you know what I mean?
McCall's 6139

I did get a stack of compliments today, which is noice.  I think I would like to make this dress again in a straight cotton, no stretch factor.
This is day two of the SSS challenge.