Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Frock No.16

Ugh, the walkaway dress.  I love the pattern, but hate how this looks on me.  I thought maybe it was the checks, but no, I just don't like it.  The whole thing was and is a drama.
Made from Retro Butterick B4790 a reprint of a 1952 pattern.  I cannot even remember where I first saw this dress made up, but I loved it instantly, just not on me.  I started making this dress in spring, (September 2010), but it was was too long in the bust.  I had to unpick a heap of the bias just to shorten the bust at the shoulders and by then I was quite bored, until the Frockruary Challenge 2011.  I literally finished it yesterday, washed it in the hopes it would sit better and after wearing it to school this morning (and sticking out like a sore thumb), I knew it needed more adjustments.  I added a button to the back fastening to pull the under dress tighter and it helped, but mostly the under dress rides up all the time.  Not to mention how large my hips and wide my shoulders look in this dress.
How to smuggle a baby in a walkaway dress

Walkaway Dress

On a very different note and coming at you from a whole different era and fashion point of view, here is a bit of fun Ginny and I had with a mullet, (gold tights and a flannel.)
Mullet and thigh cutting gold tights.

Ginger Mullet


  1. lili says, 'i like ginnie and khristie's dress ups'.
    kelly says, i think the dress looks great! not the most slimming shape perhaps, but everyone knows that and you look so fancy and fun! keep adjusting.

  2. The dress looks great on you! I've had the same one sitting on my mannequin for 2 months. I can't get the sides to sit flat on the outside and I've redone them 3 times - snaps, hook and darts. Oi vay!