Friday, February 25, 2011

Frock No. 25

As it gets closer to the end of February, and the end of Frockruary, I feel an urgency to wear my most fabulous frocks before my time is up. 

My Pineapple dress, one of the funnest dresses I've made and worn.  Made from Vogue 6478.  It was a surprisingly easy dress to make considering the pattern had no printed instructions.  LOVES.
When I first wore this dress on Christmas day, I spent the whole time adjusting my strapless bra, which I was wearing with the back strap pulled down lower than the dress line.  Very uncomfortable.  I have since bought a stick on bra, which is two band aids basically, shaped like bra cups.  They were a little weird to apply, but I love the results.  I feel like a perky 20 year old again.  Babies and gravity are not kind to a woman's bosom.  And if I knew that when I was 20, I would have went bra less more often.
On another note, I was so worried about bound buttonholes, but I practiced last night.  It was really quite simple and the results are so pretty.  Just physically doing each step made it so much easier than picturing each step in my head.

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  1. this is cute and wild at the same time. Nice job, what a fun dress!