Monday, February 28, 2011

Frock No. 28

Well folks, this frock finds us at the end of Frockruary and the end of an Aussie summer.  It was a difficult choice to make as to which dress I would end Frockruary on; I went for a dress which is a sewing achievement for me.  I learnt how to make bound buttonholes and I had the patience to hand stitch all my seems.
McCall's 5444

This dress is made from McCall's 5444 from 1960.  The fabric is a stretch cotton and was a mere $2 a metre from my local fabric store.  I originally made the dress with the pencil skirt, thinking the stretch of the fabric would give my butt some support in the fitted skirt.  What happened though was that my butt got way too much ease and did what it does.  It was not a good look.  I may make this dress again in a thick and supportive fabric.
I was a good blogger today and took some close ups of my bound button holes and my flash vintage buckle.  With practice those bound buttonholes will look very posh indeed.  The belt needed to be a couple of mm's slimmer to fit better.  I think I will make another belt in black and the removable collar in black too.

McCall's 5444
Here is my next project.  I am excited, It's going to be all candy and yum.

I really have to make Stella something too, I want to make her the jumpsuit in the top right hand corner, but she wants the dress in the bottom right.  I'll just make both,