Saturday, February 12, 2011

Frock No.12

This dress is one I have purchased, just last week, for a grand sum of $1.  It has been homemade, I can tell by the numerous thread colours used.  I'm pretty certain I may even have a very similar pattern in my stash.  The collar is probably meant to be worn up, but that's way too hot, and the sleeves down (they also have a contrasting white band), but the entire look is a little bit Nicky from Big Love.  I thing I will cut the sleeves at this 3/4 length and change the white band on the collar to a darker shade, maybe purple.  This dress has a side zip.  If you look closely the check fabric has a gold stripe through, tres' glamour.  It may become a fave, it was perfect to wear to the markets this morning as it kept the sun off my skin.
Off to finish off some more frocks, I would hate to loose my own challenge.

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