Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pants, I love them, but I loathe them.

I thought I'd blog my cause to get the very talented Steph over at 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World to help me make some fabulously well fitted pants with her custom pants block.
If I cross my knees a little they look better.

I have been trying to make myself some fabulous pants without much success.    As you can see from these pictures, the crotch is too long or is that the waist is too high?  The legs look funny too.  I would desperately love a well fitted capri style pant, one that is not to high that I can't eat anything and not low that muffin tops fly free.
Fabric for glam rock pants
As spring approached I found some awesome fabric that immediately inspired me to own a pair of Jeff and Steve McDonald (of Redd Kross glory) style glam rock pants.  The fabric has no give in it at all and I wonder if this will greatly affect the fitting?
Undeniably cool
My Harry High Pants were some what a success but since then I have tried to make 60's pedal pushers, 60's cigarette pants and shortie short shorts for summer, but they just don't please me.  I have tried tracing the shape of the crotch minus the very high waist but I have other fitting issues which were not an issue before, like too tight on the thighs.  Am I tracing it wrong or does or is it something to do with the fabric?  I'm afraid I have not been documenting my failures. Only crying in a sea of unpicked threads.
Harry High Pants
I made some regulation trousers with a 40's pattern and I don't know how I feel about them.   The fabric is kinda slinky.  They are definitely too long, but then I feel like they will be as wide as they are long.  Ho hum.
Regulation Trousers
 Between not having much clue about the correct fabric choice, the length of the crotch or was that the length of the waist?  The shape of the legs in ratio to the length of the legs, I have not much clue at all.  I have a willingness to know though.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Lace, Lace makes my heart Race

Back in November I went to a wedding and made a dress which I quickly blogged about.  At the time I cut out two dresses with similar themes.  Lace and velvet ribbons.  Swoon.  There is something about this combination that I love love love.  I have recently finished the other dress.  I thought I'd share them both with you, plus a couple of others.
I found this mint green lace in an op shop and the English racing green velvet ribbon at a run down haberdashery and fabric shop at Redcliffe.  I had the same colour green in my stash, it is a cotton, quite a thick one, I think this dress may have to be a wintry one. 
It is made with McCall's 4150 from 1955.  I love how easily this dress came together.  The neck facing was the same piece as the bodice and just had to fold over.  I had to put gussets in the arm and even they were a breeze.  I guess the more often you do them the easier it gets.  The side zip makes this dress a true wiggle dress, I truly had to wiggle it on and off.

McCall's 4150
The dress I wore to the wedding was a style that I had made before, I had to make it quickly as I left the making of the dress to the last minute.  I used a nude lace that I got from the markets, the lady said it was old, but I don't know how old or even how to judge that.  It is really thin.  I found the beautiful baby blue velvet ribbon then found some cotton voile to match.  The combination of voile and thin lace was slippery and I struggled keep them together.  It ended up taking longer to make the blue dress for this reason.
It's made from McCall's 5891 from the 1960.  I omitted the bias binding trim using the voile instead to finish the neck and arm holes nicely, making it a bit posher.  I love the scoop of the back of this dress.

McCall's 5891
I also made this dress for my new sister in a candy pink lace with a nude cotton voile.

I originally cut this pattern out in some fab barkcloth fabric that was curtains at my Nan's house, and have recently finished it, sadly it is too small, but total country chic with a blue gingham bias binding trim.

My blue lace dress was so light that it was a little see through.  A quick dash round the shops to find a slip was disastrous.  They were all synthetic.  I decided it would be faster and cheaper to make one.  Bring in a Fashion Cut Pattern, 3265.  There is no date on this more obscure pattern.  I don't know it's origins either.  I have a few Fashion cut patterns and they are mostly pretty slip/nighties.  I have some flesh coloured voile and some matching lace to whip up this modesty slip.

Fashion Cut Pattern 3265

Phew, I feel like this post has been massive.  I have a bit of bogging to catch up on.  The whipper snappers are back to school today (minus Ginger), so I have more time to blog and sew and organize stuff.
I'll leave you with a snapshot of my bathroom window.  I made these little felt balls for some extra colour.  I love my Avon perfume bottle and check out the crazy flower on the cactus.   It looks and feels like plastic.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ginger and I

Ginger and I have been beautifully matched for the last 3 days.
I love prints, but enough is enough.  I need some block colours.  I had no intention of buying pink, I really didn't know what colour I needed or wanted.  Fushia pink just sang to me on this particular day.  I drafted my own half circle skirt in this pink linen.  I was amazed at how quick and easy this is and t is lovely to wear.  I used my An Pan Man (a character from Japan, that is plastered all over their school buses) button.
Ginger wears an adorable strawberry print dress op shopped years ago when Stella was a wee lil' one.

I have been a mad little sewer lately.  I have decided I need to tidy up loose ends in the sewing corner.  I am finishing projects that got put on hold for one reason or another and in the process have been inspired to start new projects.  I found a skirt that I started making into a dirndl skirt with an elastic casing.  It was far too bulky however and just recently I unpicked it and made a waist band.  It was so simple and easy that I wonder why I didn't do it sooner.  I came across this fabulous poodle fabric that my gal pal got for me from Japan.  It has these large grids on it which I didn't want to cut through.  Enter the straight dirndl skirt.  Perfect.  I love it, it is so easy to wear.  We didn't get a very clear full length photo, I'm afraid.  I used a frog clasp (thanks Madelaine) because I forgot to allow a seam for the invisible zip to go to the top.
Ginger wears a fabulous vintage dress, made to look like a pinafore with shirring on the top.  Cute as a button.

This little halter neck dress is made from McCall's 2217 from 1969.  It was a bit of a dud for my shape.  The top was gapey even after I made it smaller.  I cinched in the bosom making it almond shaped rather than triangular and the back is rather low for a gal who prefers to wear support.  I love the fabric though, which is a lovely feeling cotton from the 60's.  The zip is pretty fabulous too. 
I LOVE Ginger in this little dress.  I made it for Stella a few years ago.  It is made from an old curtain.  The colours are amazing.  It has been lined with Michael Miller's bubbles fabric and can be worn reversable.  Ginger has the cuttest little pudgy legs.  This is how short my sisters and I wore our dresses in the 70's.

McCall's 2217 from 1969

Monday, January 9, 2012

I wanna see your peacock.....

Happy New Year Folks.

My 2011 Christmas cards have doubled as New Year cards.  I purposley avoided an overtly Christmas theme for that reason.

I have been a bit quiet on the blog front.  We have been stay-cationing at home and I thought I'd give the computer a break.  I even managed to read a book.  I have been busy sewing and stuff, mostly eating and drinking and relaxing.

I wanted to share some hilarious photos from our Christmas.  Drinks were flowing and the dress ups were out.  My husband found a new friend to play dress ups with.  His jaw dropped when he saw Matt's dress up box.  They were a couple of giggling school girls.

Glam Rock in the suburbs. 
Fruit Salad anyone?
Photo op in yellow terry toweling jump suit.

I have a new sister in law and she is a gal after my own heart. 

Matt has gone back to work today, so routine is back in the house.  I've had a prosperous time and am looking forward to fitting into all my little halter neck dresses a bit more comfortably.

Speaking of halter neck, I won a pdf pattern from Mrs Depew at A Few Loose Threads.  It is super cute, look out I'm going to be sex bomb.