Monday, January 31, 2011


I have given myself a challenge, I shall call it Frockuary. 

Every day this February I will wear a frock.  This will not be a hard stretch as I prefer dresses, but sometimes I'm lazy and most days I have only 5 minutes to get dressed and ready. 

I actually thought today was the start of February, but clever Stella told me it was still January; today was a test run.  Stella also asked me if I will a different dress every day?  Sounds like a challenge to me.......  I'm not sure I have that many, but I will try.  This will force me to finish those almost finished frocks, or alter those that I have in a basket, waiting to be altered.  Time to glam up those school drop offs and pick ups!

Feel free to Frock it with me this February.  Just let me know so I can check out all your lovely frocks.

Here is the last day of January's Frock.  It is one I made about 2 years ago when I was breastfeeding, (you may notice the fast opening clips on the front of the straps.)  It is a New Look pattern 6675.  And was pretty simple to make once I got through the pages of tracing paper and found the pieces I needed.  I made the pink view.  The blue fabric is vintage cotton, it has tiny flowers with polka dots in a diamond formation around them.  The contrasting fabric is an Orange and pink check stretch cotton.  This dress fits me better now than when I was breastfeeding as my massive bosom doesn't spill out everywhere anymore.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Land Ahoy

In the hopes of becoming a better blogger, I must blog on one subject at a time.  This may prove difficult as I am always thinking of 20 things at once and there is never enough hours in the day.
Anyhoo, I won this dress on Ebay and am very excited to make it up.  Simplicity 2331 from 1957.  Isn't it the cutest version of a Sailor dress. 
Simplicity 2331
The next 2 Simplicity patterns are on my wish list.  I love the low back and the different back styles of 3965 and 4290 is so fun and summery.
Simplicity 3965

Simplicity 4290

I am sure I have similar patterns in my collection.  Similar but not the same.  One day my pretties.......

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cars, Picnics, Apples and a very plain ensemble

I have been meaning to post this blog for a few days, but the weather has turned well and truly balmy, truly a Bris Vegas Summer and my computer is in front of a massive window.  Eeek.

I had a productive weekend, without feeling busy and have some new acquisitions, here is a rundown.

These, what I like to call my Barbie stools, I have had for a few years and always hated the cushion fabric.  Not any more.  My girlfriend sent some Echino Fabric from Japan, ( she is able to buy it much cheaper than Australia's $33 per metre), and after a mere half an hour, myself and my husband knocked these beauties up.  LOVE!


Couldn't leave this treasure at the local op shop for a steal.  A Nally Sundowner picnic set Made in Australia, circa 1950's.  I love it and it will come in very handy for a little photo shoot one day.

Nally Sundowner circa. 1950's

I bought this Henry Alexander Apple fabric months ago and finally made it up into a cute halter neck frock.  I really love Stella's cupcake dress and wanted my very own.  Why should all the little girls get all the pretty frocks?   The bodice is from the Style 4174 pattern from 1974 and the full skirt I just fashioned myself.  I still need to bring it in a few centimetres at the zip and do research into what bra, if any I can wear, but I love her and am itching to go somewhere and show it off.  I love the red, black and white combo.

Apple Halter neck Frock

Style 4174
I've been feeling for a while that I need separates in my wardrobe, they seem a bit more casual for school drop offs and the likes.  Soooo, I made a red skirt from Style 3788, from 1972 which I like, it's ok.  And a camisole from Simplicity 9374 from 1998, which has more potential, I think if it was in a natural fibre.  I do love the stripes cut on a bias, but the fabric just does not hug my curves like it should, it kinda juts out in places.  I will attempt the camisole again, in a light breezy cotton.  The ensemble is okay, I do like the nautical theme of it, but it does not make my heart skip a beat.  I am however on the hunt for something a little OTT nautical, something with a little more Voom.  Photo by Stella.

Ooo, I look like an angry school teacher.

Style 4174 and Style 3788
Ohhh, and here is one of the best three things I have ever made.  Ginger, strutting her stuff.  LOVE!


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Holy Moley, the water is rising.

I live in Brisbane, and there is the worst natural disaster happening here that Brisbane has ever seen.  Brisbane is a beautiful city with a massive river snaking it's way through many suburbs and the city.  Brisbane is flooding and at 4am the waters will peak and stay at that highest level for another 12 hours at least.  There is something like 40 000 homes that have been evacuated plus numerous businesses. The cultural centre, including the state library, art gallery museum,  performance centre, and south bank will all be affected.   The city and all the precinct around that city that are usually bursting with live are eerily quiet as people wait for the water to rise.  There is only minor flooding where I live; I feel very lucky, sitting in my unaffected house, but the television footage has left my heart in my throat.
Yesterday, the town of Toowoomba, which is about 1 hours drive from Brisbane, experience flash flooding.  It has been described as an inland Tsunami.  It is total devastation on so many levels.  The water from Toowoomba is coming down to Brisbane and all this flood water, the debris, pontoons, boats, house, massive gas bottles; all this stuff in it's torrent will eventually be washed out to Moreton Bay, a pristine natural water way, more devastation!
Brisbane, from South Bank

Tunnel from Southbank to Art Gallery and Library

Ferry Terminal at Southbank

Pontoon with boat on it, tearing down the River

North Pine River, flowing over Leis Park

At least 6ft under the train bridge

Lucky, we live in a high area.
This is seriously blowing my mind.  Here are some photos a friend took around the city this morning and a couple of the flooding near my house from the day before.  If you get a chance, try and find some footage, if you haven't already seen some.  It is totally heart wrenching.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I won it, I won it!

Yah.  I'm tr es excited.  I love winning things.  I can see myself shimming in this little number.  I shall already be on the lookout for some fabric.  Something plain.  And I found a blouse pattern in my stash that will look hot with it.  Thanks to The Long and Winding Bobbin.

A new year clean up

This year one of my resolutions is to be more organized, instead of organized kaos.  The start of school will be the real test when Alby starts prep, as well as Stella going to school and Ginger toilet raining and all that other mummy stuff that spins my brain.  I thought I would start in my studio area.  Here is some pictures of my clean space.

Last year I bought some zip lock bags for the conservation of my patterns, however it was impossible to get the air out of the bags and they just did not sit still.  After some online research I found you could buy comic book bags from amazon, 99 for about $10.  Being impatient though, I went to the local plastic bag supplier and bought 500 for $10.

This rainy weather is perfect for a spring clean in summer.  I just finished bagging my patterns and it took a while because I kept stopping to study them.  But I'm cream crackered now and will find a good storage spot tomorrow.  Oh, and I am missing a few, so I will have to search for them.  They are somewhere in this room, which is meant to be my screenprinting exposure room!

Another resolution I made was to find a way to combine sewing and art.  A collaboration of the 2.  Like Salvidor Dali's and the House of Schiaparell's  Lobster Dress. I do love a quirky print and a fab frock!
Lobster Dress

Friday, January 7, 2011

Arabian Nights

We went on a family holiday To Sunny Sawtell, which was lovely, and out of the hundreds of photos I took, these few are my favourite.  Little Ginger is such a beauty.

Aw, sigh.

What a Fabulous Pattern

At The Long and Winding Bobbin this pattern is being given away.  Can I be so lucky?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

If I could paint, I'd paint a picture of you.

Not sure if I love that song by 1927, but it is definitely etched on my brain!!!

Stella has really outdone herself with her portrait painting and I am so super proud of her.  Everyone loved their portraits. Here they are, with their subjects.

Nanny Niecy and Kev

Nanny Sandra and Grandad ( sitting in opposite places to the portrait)

Ga Ga (Grandad Guy)

Kelly, Lili and Ryuji (friends in Japan)

Peter Pooh Pooh
 She is getting orders from other family members.  Next week I have booked Stella in for a face and body drawing workshop, she is going to be all over it.

Not only does she paint beautifully, she takes a mean photo.  Here is a photos Stella took of moi on Christmas day, in my pineapple dress.  Tres Glamorous!