Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Recovering a Dress Form

I have wanted to try using a dress form for a while, but couldn't justify spending a stack of money on something I may barely use. I kept a look out on Ebay, but the prices quickly got out of my price range. Flicking through the paper one day I found one listed for sale minus stand, for $50. I drove through the rain, with a sleeping baby for half an hour to find that it was an Autoset, Diana, in terrible condition, rusty, cracked plastic in places and the fabric cover turned to red sand with a touch. I drove away, got 10 minutes a away, turned around and over the professional junk dealer $20. We settled on $35 and I took it home, quite excited.

 After carefully removing screws that held the fabric in place, I raced the shapes plus 1cm all around onto new fabric that I chose.  I wasn't sure what I was meant to recover the dress form in, but I chose a sparkly stretch Jersey. 
While cleaning the dress form, it's top came away from it's bottom, which was just as well, because covering it was to be easier this way.  I sprayed the rusty bits with a matte black, rust kill type spray paint and was then ready to recover.
Armed with glue, bull clips and pegs I commenced the long process of gluing.  I glued the fronts on first, waited for the glue to set a bit, snipped the curves, trimmed the hems where needed and held the hems in place with bull clips and pegs, just long enough for the glue to set.  At the bust, I actually had to cut a dart, much the same as I would sew one,  as the fabric was bulky. 

cut dart

It was long tedious process, and I am thrilled with the end result.  There is a couple of things that need to be fixed, like a permanent stand, and repairing some broken plastic, which will make her more stable, but for now, she is ready to play.  Now my pretties, what shall be the first thing I will make?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Sweetness and Love.

 This beautiful dress is being given away.  I want to be that girl wearing this dress in the sun in the park having a picnic with my set hair.  If I don't win this little beauty than it will surely be inspiration to make myself something as feminine and floral.  Good luck my pretties.  Follow the link below.

Fabulous Fluer Dress giveaway.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A very busy Mummy.

Lately, it has been sew sew sew.  Nothing especially fabulous, nothing for myself.  But I must say some fabulous results.  
Curtains for the newly renovated dining and work space.

Ghetto Hat for sale at some handmade markets and for sale on etsy.

I've recently come across some beauties from op shops and church sales, for a steal.  
between 10c and $1, lots more not pictured.

present from aunty Pat and uncle Pete, they bought them in 1974.  Wallpaper from germany, being hung tonight.  EEK.
a present from Meegs, purchased for a steal from an antique shop. LOVE.

Carpet Art and crochet owl, I love, mostly everyone else hates.  No taste, some people.

Glass ball.  I LOVE glass.     

 Baby OCKII had the joy, and the stress of watching my nephew be born, all naturally.  Beautifully big  4kg  boy.  Totally in love with him. 
This is the reason I haven't had my camera, but I don't mind at all.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

50's Pink Lady

Hello pretties.  O wow, I'm a finalist in a sewing competition.  Please vote my dress as the best.  This mumma needs a new dress!