Monday, February 21, 2011

Frock No. 21

It is so hot here, a balmy 38 degrees Celsius in my backyard.  I have to keep wetting my hair just to keep cool.  Today is one of the busiest with mummy's taxi today, with all 3 whipper snappers have activities, the fruit shopping had to be done, I had to start dinner at lunchtime, put Ginny down for a nap, do some sewing (of course) and find a few minutes to blog.  Phew.
Anyway, today's frock is a vintage one, made by Gala Travelon.  Maybe from the 60's.  It's 70% tervlene ( I have never heard of this before)  and 30% linen.  Tervlene must be synthetic, as it doesn't need ironing.  It's bloody hot though.  It looks fresh and it's quite short, so I feel a little summery, but frankly everything is hot at the moment.  I'm pretty sure I'm feed up with Brisbane's summer.  And I believe it's a very mild 20 degrees in Melbourne.  Lucky southerners.
This is another 50center from the op shop.  I tried to give it away once, but my gal friend left it here, I wonder if that was on purpose?
Doesn't Ginger look adorable in her vintage cotton ruffle bottom romper?
We spent a few hours yesterday soaking up the beauty at our friend's new house.  They bought acreage, and as well as some beautiful man made gardens around their house they have a massive dam in the backyard.  Here is a hilarious photo of Ginger with the damn in the background.  Oh and a lovely hibiscus.  LOVE.
Ginger in her Japanese undies.


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  1. it wasn't on purpose!! i think it was hanging up and i was doing my last minute packing in the dark and just forgot it. i will reclaim her when i return! or at least borrow her.
    love ginnie's big undies.