Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Frock No. 23

I have been looking forward to finishing this dress as I having been aching to wear my very fabulous handed beaded belt bought as a present from Mexico by my very fabulous and uber stylish friend Peter.
This is the first time ever I have made a dress from a block colour, not patterns.  Quite an achievement for moi, peppies.
It is made from McCall's 6673 from 1962.  The pattern cover is battered, the instructions are missing and also the pencil skirt pieces, however the 3 bodice options are all in there and it was simple to make even without the instructions.  I made view C with unmounted sleeves and I opted to shorten the sleeves.

McCall's 6673

A close up of my beaded belts

McCall's 6673

Attempting a do with hot curlers
I met up with my Auntie today and she teed me up some fabric that she inherited from an old lady that she helped to look after.  The pieces are mostly too little to make anything, however it is a lovely look at a dressmakers story, with pieces from the 50's through to the 80's.
A dressmaker's story
I also scored my Nan's old curtains, that are in Fab condition, and will make some lovely frocks.
Fab curtains.

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