Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lemair Le LOVE.

My new toy.  What a beauty.
1950's Helvetia Lemair
 I found her in an op shop yesterday, and normally I don't look at sewing machines, my obsession needs to stop somewhere, but there she was in an inconspicuous looking cream box, waiting to be unveiled.  I was feeling curious this day, so I opened the box.  Took my breath away.  A 1950's Lemair sewing machine.  The name says it all Lem AIR, and the shape is magnificently stream line.  She works, but I am yet to thread her properly.  Made by Helvetia in Sydney Australia.  She is beautifully preserved, with a bunch of strange looking feet.  Tis my mission today to get her moving.

In the same shop, I found this totally fabulous Vogue Pattern, a Pierre Cardin design.  It is mod fantastic.  I'm not sure this style would suit me, but those pockets are brilliant.
Vogue 1694 Pierre Cadin
On a different note.  The story telling chairs I helped make for Alby's school fete Auction fetched the highest bids of all class objects a whopping $420 for the two. A job well done.
Story telling chairs

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fun times in Melbourne

Sooo, Matt and I went to Melbourne recently for our wedding anniversary.  Our first weekend away with no kids.  Although I missed them, it was a nice change to not be limited by routine and set eating, bathing and sleeping pattens.

I love Melbourne.  Let me count the ways.
One; one of my besties lives in Melbourne.
Two, for the beautiful old buildings and the cobbled lined streets.  There is alot of controversy and sadness surrounding the demolition of heritage buildings in Brisbane, making way for new developments.
Three, the trams.  I can only wonder what Brisbane would be like today if the trams were still in operation.
Four, the yummy yummy food.  It is everywhere in all corners and stretches of the city and surrounding suburbs.
Me and my Bestie Peter Pooh Pooh.

I had no time for shopping in Melbourne but plenty of time for eating and drinking.  My 3 favourite places to eat were, The Breakfast Club for breakfast at Northcote.  I had Carlos' Eggs, best brekky ever.  Lunch at Ichini at St Kilda, best bento box I've had outside of Japan.  Dinner at the Vege Kitchen, at Northcote, where the 'Intention is Love'.  Two Taiwanese sisters make their own tofu and soy milk and offer a banquet of vegetarian yumminess.  I saw two burly men that looked like seasoned meat eater stroll in and go giddy with excitement over the menu.  Loved it.  Even Matt, who calls tofu toad food, loved it.

The lane ways lived up to their reputation, I think you need a holiday just to visit them.  This piece was fresh and wet and one of my favourites that I saw.

Matt and I drove the Great Ocean road, well a bit of it.  We got as far as the lighthouse that is in the TV show, Round the Twist.  So pretty and such a contrast to the business of the city.  On the way home we stopped at The Wool Shed Museum at Geelong.  There was an excellent exhibition there about real life Australian Femme Fatales.  Very interesting and some of the 1940's mug shots were a little spooky and a far cry from the glamorous pictures I usually look at from this era.  Geelong by the water was really pretty.
Cool trees on the Great Ocean Road

This is funny because it looks like Matt is skipping, he is not.

We went to the footy, of course.  It just so happened the Lions were playing.  It was good to see those boys in full form and not on the the telly, if you know what I mean.

The Blackman, which is part os the Art Series hotels, was awesome.  We got upgraded to the 17th floor and had a great view of Albert Park.  We felt on top of the world, baby!  The room was lush and the location was very central.  A perfect and very glamorous choice.

Pete and I went to Outre Gallery , it was so good to see these prints in real life and inspired me to pull my finger out and print again (that's another blog).  I could have spent thousands there.  I bought a book for the kids, that I will definitely be sharing some pages from soon.  We refuelled at a totally cool cafe, 1000 Pound Bend.  I wish 1000 pound Bend was down the road from my place, sigh!

Melbourne in Autumn is so pretty.  I have vowed to visit this awesome city again soon.
Pretty leaves and pretty spots.

Love at first sight!!

How amazing is this dress.  I love it like the first time I ever loved.
It is being given away over at zilredloh.  But it's mine people, even if only in my dreams.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A 1940's Tea Dress, and seeking advice/opinions.

I won a fabulous competition recently and couldn't wait to sew up the dress of the McCall's 6835 from the 1940's.  Especcially after I saw Esz's dress from a similar pattern over at Kitty's Drawings, whom I won the pattern from.  It was suprisingly simple.  I love the scalloped neckline.
McCall's 6835

McCall's 6835
But Alas, those 1940's lass' have much narrower hips than I and it's too snug for my child bearing hips.  I am reluctant to unpick my handy work on this little number.  Even though I love the tea coloured polka dot fabric that was op shopped ages ago, it's just not my usual vivid choice.  I will make it again and allow for my width in a colour that is more me.
Another competition pattern that I won from The Long and Winding Bobbin has been made up, alas with even more disastrous results.  This Fabulous pencil skirt is Simplicity 1688.  Yhe fabric is sunair, I've never heard of this, but it has a lovely fee and a great texture.  When I Google sun-air, I get awning sites.  I have even lined it in this stunning apple green satin, very fabulous.  24 darts in all, phew!! 
Simplicity 1688
It is just not sitting straight or flat.  What to do.  Does anyone have any tips on fixing the dilemma?  Or shall I sacrifice the loveliness of the side wrap and put a center zip in it?

Simplicity 1688, crooked

Thanks for any input.
Oh and here are the preppies Storytelling Chairs, all together and complete.  Super cute.
Storytelling Chairs

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Religous Frock and custom print for the preppies.

Urgh, I was a little crook recently and have been a bit uneventful.  Until now.  Back to being a busy Mummy.
I have finally sewn up a dress from one of Rita's  patterns.  McCall's 6770 from 1963.  A slim sleeveless dress with a three gore skirt.  Scooped neckline, curved seaming in the bodice.  Skirt has gathers at the front and has a back pleat.  I changed the side zipper to a back one and have used a zip with a lovely big gold hoop for easy gripping.  I had every intention of doing a lot of invisible stitches and learning how to use my blind hem foot, but as usual, I was just far too impatient and had to wear it yesterday.  I love the fabric, it's very kitsch.  As usual, my dress is loud and unmissable.  This was a very simple pattern and I love love love the look of the straight skirt.  I feel very mature.  I will definitely make this dress again, in a block colour, and I will (somehow) make the neckline narrower.
McCall's 6770

close up of zip
The kids school has their 2 yearly fete coning up and this year every class is making something that will go to auction.  Alby's teacher Miss Beadman absolutely has to do everything better than anyone else, it's her competitive streak.  She has taken a couple of chairs and decoupaged drawings the combined class of grade 1's and Preppies have done and has taken advantage of my skills as a screen printer and sewer and asked me to  reupholster the cushions.  This is the end result.  Quite pleased with them, they are super cute,.  I will have to get some photos of the chairs all put together and share them here.
Nursery Rhyme cushion

Portrait cushion
Today is Mother's Day and I hope every Mummy out there has had a great day.  I definately have had an awesome day,  it's easy when my kids are so darn fabulous.  Hubbie has spoilt me rotton I haven't had to lift a finger all day.  Alby treated me to a fabulous afternoon at his classroom, at the Mummy's Princess Palour.  I got a hand massage, had my nails painted, we made tissue paper flowers and had high tea, all while wearing a tiara.  Alby was very adorable.
Alby and I at the palour

My mum Neicy, age 17.
I went for my first holiday since having babies, 8 years ago, just Matt and I.  Four days; the longest time I have spent away from my kids, and we both survived.  We went to Melbourne and had awesome weather and an awesome time.  It was nice not to have to live to a time frame or routine, at least for a few days.  I wouldn't trade being a Mummy for anything in the world!!
I will have to post some of my fave photos of the trip sometime soon.  Here is one photo at ACME gallery, in one of Rita's dresses.