Friday, February 18, 2011

Frock No. 18

Fruity Cocktail Frock. 
This dress I finished yesterday, it sat in the too hard pile for a while and it has gone through some transformations.  I'm a bad blogger though, because I didn't take any during pictures.  It was just too traumatic, trust me, I looked like a ham.  It has now been made with a combination of 2 patterns, both altered slightly.  Style 4337, 1985 and Simplicity 9744, 1990.
I started this dress before I made my pineapple dress.  I was fixated on having an open back fruit dress, obviously!  The lime fabric initially was made with Style 4337, view 1, but was very unflattering.  I fortunately had enough fabric left to make a new bodice, from Simplicity 9744, view 2.  I have made this dress before, Frock, No. 2 and Frock No. 9.  Once again I made it with a lower back, and this time I got a picture of it.  I love the deep pockets, Ginger and went to the shops today, and I didn't need a bag at all, not even when I bought some new hair product and a comb, straight in the pockets.  The side of the pockets are in with the front panel of the skirt seam, which I like.  The skirt has only 3 panels, ooh different and unusual!
Ginger's dress, another fruity number, is an op shop find, handed down from her big sister Stella, it has been homemade by another Mummy somewhere, and much loved before it came into our home.  Are we not deliciously cute, with our matching fruitiness and head angles?


Style 4337

Simplicity 9744
We  popped in to a local op shop, one that is overflowing with stock and found these lovely bits of fabric.  The two floral pieces are vintage and only half a metre, so they will make something for the girls, after my self indulgent Frockruary.  There is 2.6 metres of the stripes, I feel giddy with the cuteness this fabric will make up as a dress!

Last thing, I love how Stella left her dolls yesterday and had to take a photo before cyclone Ginger destroyed it.
Now it's time to get ready to have some kind of fruity cocktail, eat Spanish tapas from a train and watch local band Gentle Ben and his Sensitive Side, with my husband in the Valley tonight.  Frock'n'Roll.


  1. oooh limes. v nice!
    op shop jealousy!!! the pinky flower fabric reminds me of a stella-lili-ginger dress (or do we still have it?).
    have fun tonight!!♫

  2. just came from sewretro-your dresses are so pretty- and that stripe fabric you found is to die for- cant wait to see how you use it:)