Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Frocktober 17-24

Have to get the frocks out there before the month is over eh....

Day 17.  A handmade dress from years ago.  The workmanship is shabby but the flocked  dots are divine.  Ginger wears a little mandarin collared china doll dress.  Her dress outshines mine today.

Day 17

Day 18.  A vintage patio dress with more fancy ric rac than I have ever seen on a dress.  Perfect for visiting a pony named Milkshake.  Ginger wears a fabulous floral dress from Japan.
Day 18
Day 19.  Another oldie, handmade from the same pattern as Day 17.  It doesn't have much life left in it, but I love it all the same.  Ginger wears a handmade dress from a 60's pattern, passed down from her big sister.
Day 19
Day 20.  What do horses, ballerina and puppies have in common?  All fit for a little princess I say.  A road trip on this day to pick up a puppy that is a gift (boo who).  Ginger and I both wearing handmade dresses from 60's patterns.
Day 20
Day 21.  A day spent bbq-ing and sitting poolside with a cold beer.  Ginger wears a hand made reversible dress with matching shorties.  My dress is a fabulous cotton dress from the 60's.
Day 21
Day 22.  Another handmade reversible dress, now technically a top worn by Ginger.  I am wearing my religious frock, made from 60's pattern.
Day 22
Day 23.  The colours pop in this pic because my photographer Stella is getting creative with the Art settings.  My dress is made from 60's pattern with 60's fabric and topped with some shimmery bead work.  Ginger is wearing an op shopped number that she picked.  Very cute.
Day 23
Day 24.  My dress is a rare op shop find.  A 1950's sun dress in amazing condition.  Ginger wears a handmade Hello Kitty dress.
Day 24

I had every intention of bombarding you with most of the days left, but I am tired and weary and have had a bad day at the machine.  Twisted dress, a mountain of unpicking, tears, frustration and to top it off I managed to sew the zipper foot to the dress.  DOH!!!  I need sleep.

Candy Candy Candy I can't let you go.

All my life I wanted you I love you so.....

Day 16 of Frocktober and I am rocking a candy striped, seer sucker dress made from Du Barry 1016 from the 1940's.  What is there not to love about this dress.  Mitered stripes on cap sleeves, pussy bow and super easy and flattering to wear.  I only wish I included pockets and maybe turned the skirt stripes to sit diagonally and miter at the center seam.  Oh well, still fabulous.

Once Frocktober is over I can wear it again.

Du Barry 1016

 Oh and Ginger wears a very cute 80's style drop waist jersey dress.  Ready for a party with a side pony.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More Frocktober and a New Frock

Frocktober has hit the half way mark and how fabulous it is to look fabulous everyday. 

Here I have days 9 through 15, though I will show you Day 11 first, my Tangerine dream.

I have been eyeing off hooded dresses for ages and had even bid and lost them on Ebay.  After much dwelling I short listed a few in Etsy and picked and payed way more than I ever have for this pattern.  Du Barry 5140 from the 1940's. 

I had just put the finishing touches on this dress the morning of Day 11.  It came together quite effortlessly.  The yoked shoulder was a little tricky, only because I freaked myself out because I had never done it before.  Once I resounded to the fact that it was alright to hand stitch the gathered sleeve onto the shoulder to make the lovely round shape then the kids were alright.  I also need to redo some top stitching as it is wonky, but hey I was rushed I wanted to wear the dress yesterday.

I made the dress from a lovely silky feeling linen and lined the hooded in a darker shade of the same colour.  I love the feel of linen, but bejesus it crinkles!!  ( Ooops, I forgot to put my belt back on, looked better with a belt.)

Tangerine Dream, Du Barry 5140

Du Barry 5140

Beautiful yoke shoulder

Day 9. Handmade lace dress, Gi wears handmade, purchased wrap dress

Day 10. Rita Dress, handmade late 40's, Ginger wears vintage 60's.

Day 11.  New handmade dress, Ginger wears vintage 60's pinafore dress

Day 12.  A Libby frock late 60 hostess, goodness know what Gi is wearing!!

Day 13.  Handmade late 40's pattern, Gi Gi wears 70's.

Day 14.  40's frock, Ginger wears 60's with shirring and pom poms.

Day 15.  Handmade, massive pockets, Gi wears a hand me down.

There it is the half way mark.  I really need to organize the remaining frocks I want to wear as I don't want to miss out on showing you my favourites.  The question is can I wear a gold Lame frock to pick up the kids and will I get an invitation to a fabulous event to throw on my fabulous Victor Costa frock?

My Frocktober this time round is fundraising for research into Ovarian Cancer and my hero meter has had any action for a while.  Hint Hint.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Froctober 2012

Hey peeps.  It is that time of year again.  Everyday of October 2012, not only will I wear a frock, but so will my little side kick, Ginger.

As a personal challenge to myself I have worn frocks for a month at a time.  This year I will be fundraising for research into Ovarian cancer.  I have an Everyday Hero account for those interested in throwing some money at a great cause.  http://www.everydayhero.com.au/khristie_B.

We are 8 days in.  The first 6 were while we were on holidays at the Sunshine Coast, so we were limited by what we packed.  But we dress to impress and here are the photos to prove it.

Day 1. A refashion kimono

Day 1. A traded dress from the markets

Day 2.  A 50c fave, falling apart

Day 2.  Rocking stripes and leopard.

Day 3.  Op shop special & Gi bought her tu tu that morning from Eumundi markets

Day 4.  Ginger's 1970's embroided kindy tunic

Day 4. Handmade from 70's pattern

Day 5. Made from 70's pattern & fabric. Gi wears 70's frock

Day 5.5.  Off to diner in 60's mexican frock.  Gi is going Mooloolaba chic.

Day 6. 70's Kaftan and 70's strawberry pinafore for Ginger.

Day 7.  A fabulous Bettie Page number

Day 7.  Super cute 60's dress.

Day 8.  Gi Gi wears an American pageant dress, mine made from 50's pattern
There it is so far.  Ginger is mostly embracing it and mostly likes to have her photo taken.  I am making at least one frock for myself for Frocktober, maybe more.  Maybe one for Ginger too.  Stay tuned.