Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sherbert Kisses

I was so blogging over blogging from Frockruary, that I gave it a rest.  However I don't want you lovelies to forget me so here is a sneaky peak at my latest stripeylicous frock. 
It's really hard to get a good photographer round here.  This photo is taken by my 2 year old, Ginger.  Isn't it yummy.  I will endeavour to get a few good shots when I have a bit more time.
I am making lots of little girl skirts, perfect for twirling.  I will also start on Alby's bedroom transformation.  It's been the play room for too long now.  Here is a before shot.  Now he wants volcanoes......
I'm very pleased and excited to have my girlfriend Kelly and her daughter Lili coming to Brisvegas from Japan.  They are leaving a scary place.  I only hope her husband comes soon too.  Poor Japan,  I hope she will be alright after all this mind blowing destruction and loss.

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