Thursday, September 15, 2011

SSS '11 Days 13, 14 and 15

Phew, I have been crook as a dog the last couple of days and unwilling to post my outfits, until now. 

 Day 14, on location in my Diner dress with my Julie belt, a busy day spent taking the kiddies to gymnastics and a little fruit shopping.  Looking perky before going down hill fast a dinner time.

Day 15 a 1970's t-shirt worn with jeans, kinda plain but I was feeling horrible and I wanted to be comfy.

Day 16, a picture with the family pooch, Sonny.  I'm still feeling rotten, so wanted to be super comfy, which my horses dress definitely is.
Must drag myself to bed with a good book.  I would much rather be sewing but my condition will not allow me to.


  1. being sick is such a drag. hope you feel better soon. cuddles to cutiepie Sonny. LOVE your diner dress

  2. I love your photos! I haven't been checking in this past week, so I love catching up and your house looks so gorgeous! Yay for SSSing so well!

  3. You might be feeling crap but you're keeping up with the sewing thing, so well done you. About cleaning the vintage specs, I first brush around the lens edges with a soft dry toothbrush if necessary, then use a fine soft cloth with OPSM lens cleaner to get the lenses super-clean...I don't know of any special tricks I'm afraid! A sharp fingernail inside a windex-soaked rag works just as well.