Tuesday, September 20, 2011

SSS '11, Days 16, 17, 18 and 19

Yah, for school holidays.  No more lunches made in the mornings and dinners made at lunch time.  No more racing out the door, hopping to get to school before 2nd bell.  For 2 weeks anyway.  Although it should be a quiet time of rest, with 3 kiddies and a spring cleaning project started, there's no rest for this busy mama. 

On Saturday, Day 16, we went to a friends BBQ.  I am wearing my Harry high pants on this glorious spring day, chilling on the grass, with Ginger taking my photo.  Later that night my husband and I went to see Custard play at the Powerhouse.  It was a sit down affair, very strange thing, I am so use to shaking my groove thing to Custard.
Sunday was scorching hot and very hazy, it felt like a summer's day.  Day 17, I wore my Religious Frock.  I hung around at home for most of the day, but then met up with a girlfriend to see Gentle Ben and his Sensitive Side, a super sexy sounding Brisbane band, all the way into the city a relaxing 50minute train ride.  It was a great show and so many lovely spring dresses to admire.  I received a few compliments on my little number, always noice.
Day 18.  This is controversial.  I just finished these either late 1940's or early 1950's regulation trouser's from Vogue 6285, last week, and I though they looked ok.  And a bonus they are super comfy, but I had 2 people close to me tell me 'honestly' that they are terrible, my own mother included.  The ankles look a little strange, I think they are tad too long, but I like them!!  I probably won't wear them again though.  Also the white shoes were the wrong choice.  It was early, I was on my way to my mum's and didn't really check the complete look, eek.
Vogue 6285

Today, day 19 was spent cleaning curtains, making curtains and buy curtain hanging fixtures.  Alby's room is almost finished, yah, it's getting exciting.  In a way Stella's room will get a mini makeover as Alby was crowding the glamour of that girl's room.  Oh, I wore a 1960's, 6 gored skirt, navy blue with little red anchors and white dots.  Comfortable.
Please be honest (but not blunt or cruel) about my controversial trousers.


  1. I too think that they are just a tad too long for you. Once shortened up a bit, I think they'll look great!

  2. Yeah, I think they are a bit long but otherwise look good. I like the colour. And I like your 70's dress (some posts above) but I wouldn't make it longer.. your knees look fine!