Thursday, August 25, 2011

The pants are High

These pants make me feel a little like a Spanish bull fighter and I like it.

The pattern used is Advance 7899, undated, but the graphics look 50's or early 60's to me.  The description is Misses Sports Separates.  This is the most glamorous sports attire I have every seen.

*Sigh*  If only the world of gym bunnies and the sporty look wannabes looked like this, rather than the sea of Lorna Jane active wear and ill fitting, inappropriate leggings.
These pants are made from a length of fabric my Uncle once used as a photographic back drop, polyester content here and a little shiny.  I will definitely being making these again in a well thought out fabric choice.
I didn't make any adjustments to this pattern and to my surprise they are pretty awesome.  The pattern called for 2, 12 inch zippers on both sides, I was only able to buy a longer zipper and only needed to use one.  I love the way the waist is defined, much like a Collete Beignet skirt, only higher.

It was worth the wait, I purchased this pattern off ebay in may and only received it at the end of July.  As you can see I also made the top.  The spotty version has been altered to accommodate my smaller bust, because as you can see from the bluebird version, it was just too big.  I need to play more with the sizing as it ended up a tad too small for wearing with anything but mega high waisted pants.
I am loving these pants.


  1. they look awesome! I love this style too!

  2. OLE'! love them! going off to see if i can find the same pattern, you look smashing!

  3. What a great set! They look so good! And I couldn't agree with you more about modern sportswear. Leggings are the bane of all that is good in fashion.

  4. Oh wow, these are great! Love the high waistband. I reeeeally want to make something like this, but my first attempt at pedal pushers was a disaster and I haven't had the courage to retry... yet...