Friday, September 30, 2011

SSS ' 11 Days 28, 29, 30.

These last few days of September have been crazy.
Day 28, was spent looking after a couple of extra kids, while trying to sew some things for someone else.  (I'll blog that later, as it's bit exciting).   I wore a black skirt  I made years ago.  It is looking a little worse for wear, but is very practical.  I will have to make myself another one.  Now I'm a more accomplished sewist, it will be practical, and fabulous.  Ginger was "helping" me make dinner.

Day 29, the day before Alby's 6th birthday and his party.  I literally spent the whole day cleaning and preparing for the onslaught.  And was up all night making cake.  Our downstairs area is also home to my sewing corner, so I had to put alot of stuff out of the line of fire.  I wore a tshirt I made and a pair of dusty pink cords that I cut off years ago and found recently.  I wonder why I cut them off.....

Day 30 and the day of the party.  What was I thinking letting 12, 6-8 year olds tear through my house?  It was alright really, Alby had fun.  I don't thinks kids parties are ever fun for Mummys.  I had a mini disaster when my frankfurts for mini hot dogs cooked too long, split and curled.  Thank goodness for mother in laws.  Mine was able to duck to the shops and then keep a watchful eye on them dang little things while they cooked.  The kids love mini hot dogs!
I wore a recently made high waisted pencil skirt, in a lovely shade of blue.  I do really dig this shape, and it was very comfortable as the most fitted part is higher than my tum, which tends to bulge after hot dogs, punch and lollies!  I will do a separate post on this skirt, with pattern details, as it is fabulous. 
Here is my 6 year old and I after the guests had all gone.  I made Al's shorts last night.  I would like to make them shorter, but he likes them this length.  O well, at least he will grow into them.  Dr Zeus, cute.  He loves them.  And I love him.

30 days of wearing items that I made myself wasn't too difficult, but it does highlight the fact that most of the things I make are too fabulous for cleaning, being sick in and basic lazing around the house.  I may need a few humble house dresses.  And  I definately need more separates. 
I thoroughly enjoyed Self Stitch September.  For the joy of wearing things I made, (I feel a real sense of pride) and checking in on other SSS'ers to admire their fabulous garments and style.
Next month, eek, starting tomorrow is Frocktober.  Every day in October I will wear a dress, either made by me, someone else or store bought.  I can do this easily, but I fear I will have the same dilemma as SSS, with days at home.  I think I will just pretend for October that I am a Stepford wife, don an apron from my collection of thrifted aprons. Or better yet, make sure that I do something a little glamorous everyday, to warrant a fabulous frock.  I will post my frocks weekly here.


  1. enjoyed checking out your sss and look forward to frocktober :)

  2. YAY and congrats on SSS this year!

    I love a lot of your outfits, but I know what you mean about having outfits for being a regular person sometimes instead of an awesome fashionista blogger! My tshirt dresses (based on Built By Wendy's Sew U Stretch book) have been the BEST for being sick, lounging around and being sporty (not that often for me) in...

    Good luck for Frocktober!

  3. Ooh what is frocktober? I like the pencil skirt out fit. Hope you feel like making another one with me tomorrow! Happy birthday to your little guy. My birthday was last week too.