Wednesday, September 8, 2010

All the Wild Horses

I found this super cute printed cotton jersey at the local fabric shop for only $4 a meter and couldn't leave without buying some, even though I didn't know what I was going to make.  I'm not overly confident sewing with stretch fabrics and got a few tips from the lovely ladies at my local shop.
When I got home, I went through my hundred of patterns looking for a dress to make.  I found Simplicity 8264 a 1978 Jiffy pattern, and it was.  Thanks to the previous owner, Jeanette, the pattern even came with an extra short sleeve piece already made.  I love my new dress it is easy to wash and wear, no ironing needed, excellent for a busy mummy.


  1. Super cute print, and a super cute pattern. What a super cute creation. Fantastic


  2. H! Just saw your blog on Sew Retro and checked out your site! Nice... I'm in Brisbane too ....check out my blog in the future I am hoping to start or participate in a sewing club ..what do you think? I am currently studying and won't have time to do anything until after mid November... can't wait.

    Funny, I am in Brisbane, I sew and I am an Aries too!!

  3. What does one do at a sewing club? Checking out your blog now.

  4. Hi... I'm not sure... sew I guess ... in one that I'm i, I'd include coffee and cake! Kids playing too ....probably just actually putting time into sewing if life gets in the way ... as it has till I finish this semester at tafe in Nov!! I think you can make it what you want!

  5. A bit like a mummys club, where everyone likes to sew? Where in Brissy do you live?