Sunday, May 8, 2011

Religous Frock and custom print for the preppies.

Urgh, I was a little crook recently and have been a bit uneventful.  Until now.  Back to being a busy Mummy.
I have finally sewn up a dress from one of Rita's  patterns.  McCall's 6770 from 1963.  A slim sleeveless dress with a three gore skirt.  Scooped neckline, curved seaming in the bodice.  Skirt has gathers at the front and has a back pleat.  I changed the side zipper to a back one and have used a zip with a lovely big gold hoop for easy gripping.  I had every intention of doing a lot of invisible stitches and learning how to use my blind hem foot, but as usual, I was just far too impatient and had to wear it yesterday.  I love the fabric, it's very kitsch.  As usual, my dress is loud and unmissable.  This was a very simple pattern and I love love love the look of the straight skirt.  I feel very mature.  I will definitely make this dress again, in a block colour, and I will (somehow) make the neckline narrower.
McCall's 6770

close up of zip
The kids school has their 2 yearly fete coning up and this year every class is making something that will go to auction.  Alby's teacher Miss Beadman absolutely has to do everything better than anyone else, it's her competitive streak.  She has taken a couple of chairs and decoupaged drawings the combined class of grade 1's and Preppies have done and has taken advantage of my skills as a screen printer and sewer and asked me to  reupholster the cushions.  This is the end result.  Quite pleased with them, they are super cute,.  I will have to get some photos of the chairs all put together and share them here.
Nursery Rhyme cushion

Portrait cushion
Today is Mother's Day and I hope every Mummy out there has had a great day.  I definately have had an awesome day,  it's easy when my kids are so darn fabulous.  Hubbie has spoilt me rotton I haven't had to lift a finger all day.  Alby treated me to a fabulous afternoon at his classroom, at the Mummy's Princess Palour.  I got a hand massage, had my nails painted, we made tissue paper flowers and had high tea, all while wearing a tiara.  Alby was very adorable.
Alby and I at the palour

My mum Neicy, age 17.
I went for my first holiday since having babies, 8 years ago, just Matt and I.  Four days; the longest time I have spent away from my kids, and we both survived.  We went to Melbourne and had awesome weather and an awesome time.  It was nice not to have to live to a time frame or routine, at least for a few days.  I wouldn't trade being a Mummy for anything in the world!!
I will have to post some of my fave photos of the trip sometime soon.  Here is one photo at ACME gallery, in one of Rita's dresses.


  1. Lovely dress, the print is so cool :)
    Ashley x

  2. oooh, your mum's day sounds ace!
    i wonder what Rita would think of your dress? you'll have to show her.

  3. That dress is all kinds of awesome! :-D Love the crazy print. I get that gaping happening in some of my dresses that I've made.

    I didn't think I had particularly narrow shoulders but I am guessing that's the problem? No idea how to fix it - maybe taking a vertical wedge out from the middle would help. Like a V shape with the narrow end at the waist so as not to reduce the waist measurement.

  4. Love it! What a fab print.

    You can get rid of the neck gape with two angled wedges. Angle them towards the princess seams, a couple of inches above the bust and smooth the neckline if necessary. Two smaller alterations will work better in this instance than one big one.

  5. Thanks for the tips on reducing the gaping. Pretty much sounds like a couple of darts....
    My next fitted bodice will fit!!!

  6. Dress looks great! You sound like you have been really busy!
    Love your seat covers too... who wouldn't want to sit on their kids sometimes!

  7. Gorgeous dress! It looks fabulous and I love that print!

  8. Love the Virgin of Guadalupe print. That would raise a few eyebrows if I wore it to mass! Did you buy it online?