Saturday, September 3, 2011

SSS '11 Day 3, Lemony Snicket

Today is a relaxing day at home with the whipper snappers.  A very creative photo today by Alby age 5.  Day 3 of SSS'11.
I am wearing a tiny gingham check full skirt that ended up being too big for my waist, but lovely low and comfy on my hips.  It was made from a 1950's pattern that originally had buttons up the front, but that reminded me of a skirt my mum had in the 80's, so I opted to insert a zip at the back.
A perfect day for climbing the tree with some cousins, or just hanging out with your furry chest out.


  1. Love the skirt, but furry chest?! I have to ask!

  2. Ginger has a flaming red chest of hair. Super cute.