Thursday, September 1, 2011

SSS' 11, Day 1, Love is in the air

I love spring.  It's the best time of year for me.  It is not unbearably hot as a Brisbane summer is and not too cool that I have to cover up all my fab frocks.  My toes are warm and so is my heart.  The only down fall is those pesky swooping mummy magpies protecting their babies.  Terrifies me so.  So much in fact that I duck for cover at the sound of a willy wag tails little beating wings. Phew!
I have at the last minute decided to take part in Self Stitched September, as a way for me to think more about what I wear. 
This is day one.
I have spent the morning volunteering at Alby's Prep classroom, helping kids with their alphabet and sounds, playing games basically.  I like to think that if I were a teacher I would be very preppy.  Here is casual preppy.  Self made top and skirt from a remnant linen given to me, both from the 70's I believe.  I had a lovely compliment on my outfit today and it was very satisfying to say that "I made this".
Thanks Zoe, I am looking forward to my self stitched month. Ya who!


  1. I agree it's a lovely fresh outfit and it looks great! Too bad the weather can't just stay like this, isn't it, I'm not looking forward to summer either but at least I've got air-con this year, yay.

  2. Cute outfit! Yay for taking on Self Stitched September. :-D

    I dont think I have been sewing long enough to take one of these on but maybe next year!

    Actually it would probably highlight the major gap in my wardrobe - TOPS! I don't make/buy nearly enough.