Friday, September 9, 2011

SSS' 11 Day 9, Blowing in the wind.

I tried to dress for a warm spring day, but the weather has turned bitterly cold and damn windy.  Day 9 of SSS '11 includes my skirt and top.
When I made the skirt I added a couple of inches to the seems to allow for my plentiful hips, however it was unnecessary and now the fabulous pockets go round past the side seams.  I have been meaning to make this 1950's skirt again and blog about how fabulous it is, it just hasn't happened yet.  I always have a stack of projects lined up in my head half of which I don't get around to.
The 1970's top I made when I was breast feeding and it never fit my ample bosom.  As a result I gave it to my sister.  Now she is breast feeding and I get it back.  You gotta love sisters.  I will make one like this for myself though, or a halter neck dress.
Ooo, I look cranky...

with a cardy

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  1. i love them both! you are inspiring me to get sewing. bummer i am so busy now....make hay while the sun shines and all that.