Saturday, September 24, 2011

SSS '11, Days 20, 21 and 23

I am enjoying this spring weather and the extra energy I have this week.
Day 20, was a spring clean day and I went for a go to outfit, a skirt and a tank.  I was so involved in my spring cleaning that I neglected to take a photo of it on my body, but I got a shot of the fabulous 80's fabric that I made my skirt from.  I love these colours.  I wish I made a more swishy skirt instead of a straight, oh well.

Day 21.  I made this skirt just the night before, from a 20 cent curtain.  I really wanted a swishy skirt.  It took me an hour in total.  It is made from a 70's pattern cut on the bias.  I love it, the colours are very springy.  Go to tank top here.  I did a spot of fabric shopping with a couple of lady friends who I will make some garments for.  A bit exciting.  I was a little naughty, I couldn't resist this bold apple fabric that I will make up into a skirt (today I think).

Day 22.  I decided to take the kids to Bribie Island for a frolic on the beach and went for a nautical skirt that I whipped up.  I had been wanting to make a border skirt on a diagonal, but I didn't have enough fabric left over from Alby's bedroom curtains.  Made from a simple 60's skirt pattern.  I'm hoping the fabric softens up a bit. It stands up by itself.  I look knackered, because I am.  Kids, driving, beach, ice creams, op shops; phew!

We made a mermaid using a stack of shells.  What fun.


  1. your wardrobe must be overflowing!! curious to see the 'standing up' fabric skirt in action. bribie sounds nice.

  2. No wonder you look buggered, look how much you get done! Your wardrobe must be filling up fast!!