Friday, September 2, 2011

SSS '11 Day 2, Fly me to the moon.....

This dress makes me feel like traveling....... So Ginger and I tracked down the Brisbane Bus Lines depot, because their graphics are in keeping with the 60's mode of transport feel and this dress is Pan Am 60's, to have a little photo shoot.  Can you believe my three year old took these shots, clever little chook.

This dress is made from McCall's 6139 from 1961.  I love the kimono sleeves and the the bound pocket openings.  The position of the pockets is great too, it feels like a coat when I put my hands in them.  I used a cotton spandex fabric for this dress, I chose this fabric solely on colour, this apple green is yummy.  I think the stretch factor is good for the bodice and bad for the the pockets, which gape a little.  Also, the fabric is not so drapey, which I didn't think would mater so much for this 4 gore dress, however the photos tell me differently as the skirt kinda juts out rather than hugs my shape, you know what I mean?
McCall's 6139

I did get a stack of compliments today, which is noice.  I think I would like to make this dress again in a straight cotton, no stretch factor.
This is day two of the SSS challenge.


  1. love this pattern... looks great on you. a bit of stretch is always good in my opinion. so much more comfortable to wear than without. can't believe you guys are in bare legs and arms already. it's warming here in NZ but i'm still in tights! can't wait to start wearing summer frocks again. i'll glean some vicarious pleasure from you wearing yours in the meantime :)

  2. Noice indeed! I love the sleeves.

  3. NOICE! I also can't believe your three year old took those snaps!

    I LOVE the shape of kimono sleeves, I might have to find my pattern with them this week... xoxo

  4. Lovely dress, that color look great on you! I can't belive your little took those pictures!! I LOVE kimono sleves, I have tried to do but I didn't like much the result, I need to have a pattern and not to try them my self.