Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pants, I love them, but I loathe them.

I thought I'd blog my cause to get the very talented Steph over at 3 Hours Past the Edge of the World to help me make some fabulously well fitted pants with her custom pants block.
If I cross my knees a little they look better.

I have been trying to make myself some fabulous pants without much success.    As you can see from these pictures, the crotch is too long or is that the waist is too high?  The legs look funny too.  I would desperately love a well fitted capri style pant, one that is not to high that I can't eat anything and not low that muffin tops fly free.
Fabric for glam rock pants
As spring approached I found some awesome fabric that immediately inspired me to own a pair of Jeff and Steve McDonald (of Redd Kross glory) style glam rock pants.  The fabric has no give in it at all and I wonder if this will greatly affect the fitting?
Undeniably cool
My Harry High Pants were some what a success but since then I have tried to make 60's pedal pushers, 60's cigarette pants and shortie short shorts for summer, but they just don't please me.  I have tried tracing the shape of the crotch minus the very high waist but I have other fitting issues which were not an issue before, like too tight on the thighs.  Am I tracing it wrong or does or is it something to do with the fabric?  I'm afraid I have not been documenting my failures. Only crying in a sea of unpicked threads.
Harry High Pants
I made some regulation trousers with a 40's pattern and I don't know how I feel about them.   The fabric is kinda slinky.  They are definitely too long, but then I feel like they will be as wide as they are long.  Ho hum.
Regulation Trousers
 Between not having much clue about the correct fabric choice, the length of the crotch or was that the length of the waist?  The shape of the legs in ratio to the length of the legs, I have not much clue at all.  I have a willingness to know though.


  1. The willingness to know is the most important thing, and the understanding that you don't know. Thank you for your lovely words. :):)

    I'll put my head together with some other prolific pants-makers I know and see if we can't compile a nice list of links and information about fabric choices. Tanit-Isis recently made a fantastic table that documents her work with denim.

  2. I had some good luck turning the Ruby shorts off burda into pants (Zoe did a waaaay better job). They are wide straight legs after that though... But I think in general burda has a much different pants draft than the other companies, so might be worth seeing if they have any styles you like.

    And there are totally some 60s cigarette pants in your package :p

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