Sunday, November 20, 2011

I love a wedding....

I love a wedding especially because you get to get dressed up. 
I went to my brother in law's wedding yesterday and it was a lot of fun.  His wife, now my sister is a girl after my own heart.  Amber loves a dress up, as do I. 
I made myself a new dress (of course) to wear to the wedding.  I really wanted to wear lace.  I had a few lengths of different colours in my stash of fabric.  My first choice was the candy pink lace from the 60's, I think, but alas there was not enough for me for the length that I like to wear my dresses.  I offered it to Amber (she LOVES pink) and made her a fabulous frock (because that's what sister do) that I gave to her the day before her wedding.  She loved it (phew) and it fit her perfectly.  I lined Amber's dress with a bone cotton voile, for that sexy skin look.

I am on this lace thang at the moment.  Although it was tricky to use, so slippery. 
I love this dress on the cover of Peppermint magazine.

And I wore a stunning vintage lace dress, homemade, for my wedding last year.  .

For my dress for the wedding I used a bone lace and lined it with a baby blue cotton voile.  I desperately wanted to have a velvet ribbon tied around my waist so the lining colour was determined by what I could find in s short space of time.  That and my BFF, Pete, pictured above once had the most fabulous and glamorous baby blue suit that I loved.  Both my dress and Amber's dress was made from McCall's 5891 from 1960.  I used this pattern once before so I was certain of the fit, for my dress for the races.
I do love a wedding and Scott and Amber's really stood out as being one of the best.  It was held on the Brisbane river at the Powerhouse.  There was no formal seating and the speeches were fantastic.  The best and funniest part was the photo booth.  I gave Amber some of our household dress ups and the way people interpreted them was hilarious.  I have to admit I did spend alot of time there, as Amber said I would.  Here is a select few, alot are unappropriated for uncorrupt eyes.  Christmas with Amber in the family now is going to be a blast.
The kids along with their cousins were in the wedding party and looked and behaved adorably.
What a fun time.
Just a reminder that I am giving away some patterns and the odds are good.   Here.

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  1. Ohh, lace dresses are soooo delicious ... You look great with it, so sweet! Wonderful job! Congratulations to your brother and His new bride, the wedding looks like a lot of fun.