Saturday, October 29, 2011

Frocktober Powers On.

Ah, I wish Frocktober would never end, I feel special wearing a different dress everyday.  I can't keep up the pace though.  I want to go back and wear some again.  It is a great way to confirm my suspicions about some dresses being on their way out of my wardrobe and others confirming their places as faves.
Day 22.  Off to an all day Hen's do.  I made this dress this week on a whim.  I wanted something sparkly and this frock does not disappoint.  Made from simplicity 8498 from 1972 from some  itching metallic fabric and odd length of vintage trim from my stash.  The dress came together really quickly but the hem did not behave, it was very slippery and hard to get straight.  I ended up sticking a bit if horsehair in the hair to help give it some structure.  Check out my fabulous 1960's sparkly shoes that I found in their box in perfect condition
Day 23.  Chilling in my pony dress. 
Day 24.  Back to school on Monday in my candy stripes.
Day 25.   I had a really long skirt from Libby that was being neglected.  I chopped it saving the fabulousness of the border print and made a bodice from Style 3746 from 1972.  I like the result and love this neck line.
Day 26.  Two installments because it was one of my bff's birthday and Pete requested a birthday frock and my husband and I went out (on a school night) to see a show.
I had been wanting to make a sailor dress for a while and had a 1950's pattern that I was planning to use, but then I came across Simplicity 5349 from 1973.  I have been digging the style of the 70's dresses lately so rolled with it.  I attached the collar wrong a couple of times because I didn't fully read the instructions and had to unpick it.  I also attached it right and unpicked it in shear confusion and frustration!!  If it didn't happen this way this dress would have been super fast to make.  I love it and can't wait to rock it again.
Day 26.5.  My only brand new, purchased dress from Bettie Page brand.  I love this frock.  I spent the whole day under a cape at the hairdressers changing my do from  safe mummy to fabulous!!  A little Tilda Swinton and Michelle Williams inspired do.  It has been 15years since I've been a blonde.  It instantly changes the way my dresses look and I love that!  My husband and I had a fab time at the Powerhouse catching John Waters show "This Filthy World".
Day 27.  My pineapple dress with the very fabulous back.  I would wear this dress all the time except I have to wear these disposable bra stickers to hold the girls in place.
Day 28.  Another pony dress.  I dig this style with the low scooped back and plan on making a dress with some sweet pink lace for a wedding coming up soon.  Ginger styled me, Harry Potter style.  Isn't she cute in her boy shorts ( picked the fabric herself), Harry Potter glasses and chop stick for a wand.


  1. Woo I love the new hair cut! Looks totally awesome and I bet it feels refreshing huh :-)

  2. How did i not find out about Frocktober? That sounds like fun. Love, love ,love your short hair! I just dyed mine red and it turned out really bad! I think i have to go fix it at the hairdresser now. I think that cute sparkly orange dress will look AWESOME with your new hair!

  3. I lurve the sparkly dress! Love the colour and you look great in it! (even if it is itchy) Fabulous look! As is the new do!

  4. I'm looking for a pattern you showed picture of on 12/17/10 but it didn't show the pattern #, Mcalls something, red dress with large buttons and white collar, prolly 60s? Can you message me the pattern # bec I must try to look for it bec I love it, I'm Jen Charney on facebook.