Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 18 of Frocktober

This day gets a mention on its lonesome because I made this frock the day before. 
It's a very busy picture, but I thought the dress perfectly suited what we call the Ladies Lounge because of the lovely ladies with a shade of green, adorning the walls, coffee table and cushion.

Made from simplicity 6672 from 1976 (I think).  I used some fabulous t shirt fabric from the same era ( I think again), which I've had for ages and have been waiting for the right pattern to present itself.  This dress was a breeze to make.  I love using this fabric because i don't have to finish the edges, but it frustrates me at the same time because it doesn't behave like cotton does.  I also loved being able to use a couple of massive buttons.
I leave you with a couple of  pictures of my lovely offspring.  The 3 kids playing in a bookcase on it's side, a photo op too good to miss.  Ginger tells me she is "just scratching" her nose.
Here's Alby in his newly decorated room.  He loves his adventure wonderland.

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  1. clever Jim and Matt!! that bed is TREE-ific!
    And you should totally go into interior design m'dear. totally.