Monday, October 17, 2011

Frocktober continued....

The frocks are fun.

Day 10.  An op shopped frock.  I love the coral colour, with contrasting black lace trims.

Day 11.  Purchased from an antique shop for a steal, it looked unloved, scrunched up in the back of a cupboard, stained.  But this fresh white embroidered linen came up a treat.

Day 12.  My sundae dress.

Day 13.  Another op shopped dress.  I love this style with the tie bow and the flick skirt.  But damn it it is hot sticky polyester.

Day 14.  My religous frock made for mother's day.  I am soooo not happy in this photo.

Day 15.  A Rita dress.  I love the print and style of this dress.  In love.  We did a bit of a fun photo shoot.

Day 16.  I love a stripey dress.  This maxi dress is super comfy.

Day 17.  Moo Moo on a Monday.

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