Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Last 3 Days of Frocktober

The last 3 days of Frocktober and it is bitter sweet.  I love a challenge, but this girl needs to re-wear some of these frocks and I need some separates.  One major thing I took away from Self Stitched September is that I need more separates.  What I took away from Frocktober is that a frock is not always appropriate attire.  So folks while I love frocking up it was nice to slip into a skirt and tee today.  Here is the last 3 days.
Day 29.  A 1953 dress, made from McCall's 3358.  I bloody well love this dress and especially how quickly and easily it came together.  It was my first attempt at a sweetheart neckline and I love it.  I look tough eh?  I feel like a cross between Wade and Wanda from Cry Baby here.  I am loving my hair quiff style, very rock and roll.  Worn on this day with my fret belt.
McCall's 3358
Day 30.  We rose early and headed to the beach for a few hours.  Aside from having to keep 2 eyes on 3 kids it was lovely and relaxing.  I am wearing what I feel is a pacific Island dress from the 70's.  I actually met a girl at a gig who was wearing the same dress, same colour just a different print, so I had to ask her about it and it turns out it was her mums. Aww, I love that.  My mum didn't keep any of what I think are her cool clothes.  Although she does like to tell me that she wore something similar once!!
Day 31.  Last day.  I made this hot little 70's halter neck dress the day before from some very cool and vivid rainbow zig zag striped fabric from Michael Miler.  Made from Style 4755.  either this dress was again really fast to put together or I'm just getting damn good at this dress making business.  I love the pleats at the bust line of this dress.  I added a row of yellow zig zag and I think I'd like to add some more, maybe orange and red, cover all the warm colours.
Style 4755


  1. loving all of your last 3 dresses, and am especially loving your new do! what a change from previous. the quiff is def a winner too :)

  2. Hey! I have viewed your challenge and I'm really happy Frocktober enjoy yours as much variety with dresses are all beautiful and special, and you are soooo funny in all the photos. Love, love your blog!

  3. Hi Khristie.
    Could you post one of your cool dresses on my sewing link up tomorrow? Thanks!