Thursday, January 6, 2011

If I could paint, I'd paint a picture of you.

Not sure if I love that song by 1927, but it is definitely etched on my brain!!!

Stella has really outdone herself with her portrait painting and I am so super proud of her.  Everyone loved their portraits. Here they are, with their subjects.

Nanny Niecy and Kev

Nanny Sandra and Grandad ( sitting in opposite places to the portrait)

Ga Ga (Grandad Guy)

Kelly, Lili and Ryuji (friends in Japan)

Peter Pooh Pooh
 She is getting orders from other family members.  Next week I have booked Stella in for a face and body drawing workshop, she is going to be all over it.

Not only does she paint beautifully, she takes a mean photo.  Here is a photos Stella took of moi on Christmas day, in my pineapple dress.  Tres Glamorous!

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