Monday, January 31, 2011


I have given myself a challenge, I shall call it Frockuary. 

Every day this February I will wear a frock.  This will not be a hard stretch as I prefer dresses, but sometimes I'm lazy and most days I have only 5 minutes to get dressed and ready. 

I actually thought today was the start of February, but clever Stella told me it was still January; today was a test run.  Stella also asked me if I will a different dress every day?  Sounds like a challenge to me.......  I'm not sure I have that many, but I will try.  This will force me to finish those almost finished frocks, or alter those that I have in a basket, waiting to be altered.  Time to glam up those school drop offs and pick ups!

Feel free to Frock it with me this February.  Just let me know so I can check out all your lovely frocks.

Here is the last day of January's Frock.  It is one I made about 2 years ago when I was breastfeeding, (you may notice the fast opening clips on the front of the straps.)  It is a New Look pattern 6675.  And was pretty simple to make once I got through the pages of tracing paper and found the pieces I needed.  I made the pink view.  The blue fabric is vintage cotton, it has tiny flowers with polka dots in a diamond formation around them.  The contrasting fabric is an Orange and pink check stretch cotton.  This dress fits me better now than when I was breastfeeding as my massive bosom doesn't spill out everywhere anymore.

1 comment:

  1. frockuary - i love it!
    its too cold at the moment for me to fully frock out, but i am inspired! (actually today i frocked it in that lovely long denim number with the red flower and buttons).
    your dress is so much better than on the pattern sleeve!!