Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cars, Picnics, Apples and a very plain ensemble

I have been meaning to post this blog for a few days, but the weather has turned well and truly balmy, truly a Bris Vegas Summer and my computer is in front of a massive window.  Eeek.

I had a productive weekend, without feeling busy and have some new acquisitions, here is a rundown.

These, what I like to call my Barbie stools, I have had for a few years and always hated the cushion fabric.  Not any more.  My girlfriend sent some Echino Fabric from Japan, ( she is able to buy it much cheaper than Australia's $33 per metre), and after a mere half an hour, myself and my husband knocked these beauties up.  LOVE!


Couldn't leave this treasure at the local op shop for a steal.  A Nally Sundowner picnic set Made in Australia, circa 1950's.  I love it and it will come in very handy for a little photo shoot one day.

Nally Sundowner circa. 1950's

I bought this Henry Alexander Apple fabric months ago and finally made it up into a cute halter neck frock.  I really love Stella's cupcake dress and wanted my very own.  Why should all the little girls get all the pretty frocks?   The bodice is from the Style 4174 pattern from 1974 and the full skirt I just fashioned myself.  I still need to bring it in a few centimetres at the zip and do research into what bra, if any I can wear, but I love her and am itching to go somewhere and show it off.  I love the red, black and white combo.

Apple Halter neck Frock

Style 4174
I've been feeling for a while that I need separates in my wardrobe, they seem a bit more casual for school drop offs and the likes.  Soooo, I made a red skirt from Style 3788, from 1972 which I like, it's ok.  And a camisole from Simplicity 9374 from 1998, which has more potential, I think if it was in a natural fibre.  I do love the stripes cut on a bias, but the fabric just does not hug my curves like it should, it kinda juts out in places.  I will attempt the camisole again, in a light breezy cotton.  The ensemble is okay, I do like the nautical theme of it, but it does not make my heart skip a beat.  I am however on the hunt for something a little OTT nautical, something with a little more Voom.  Photo by Stella.

Ooo, I look like an angry school teacher.

Style 4174 and Style 3788
Ohhh, and here is one of the best three things I have ever made.  Ginger, strutting her stuff.  LOVE!


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  1. dear Miss Angry School Teacher, the chairs look fab! let me know if you want any more echino fabric before the big move!
    and i am so jealous of the picnic set - i have always wanted one in a wicker basket.....
    speak soon
    Miss School Teacher to be.