Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Holy Moley, the water is rising.

I live in Brisbane, and there is the worst natural disaster happening here that Brisbane has ever seen.  Brisbane is a beautiful city with a massive river snaking it's way through many suburbs and the city.  Brisbane is flooding and at 4am the waters will peak and stay at that highest level for another 12 hours at least.  There is something like 40 000 homes that have been evacuated plus numerous businesses. The cultural centre, including the state library, art gallery museum,  performance centre, and south bank will all be affected.   The city and all the precinct around that city that are usually bursting with live are eerily quiet as people wait for the water to rise.  There is only minor flooding where I live; I feel very lucky, sitting in my unaffected house, but the television footage has left my heart in my throat.
Yesterday, the town of Toowoomba, which is about 1 hours drive from Brisbane, experience flash flooding.  It has been described as an inland Tsunami.  It is total devastation on so many levels.  The water from Toowoomba is coming down to Brisbane and all this flood water, the debris, pontoons, boats, house, massive gas bottles; all this stuff in it's torrent will eventually be washed out to Moreton Bay, a pristine natural water way, more devastation!
Brisbane, from South Bank

Tunnel from Southbank to Art Gallery and Library

Ferry Terminal at Southbank

Pontoon with boat on it, tearing down the River

North Pine River, flowing over Leis Park

At least 6ft under the train bridge

Lucky, we live in a high area.
This is seriously blowing my mind.  Here are some photos a friend took around the city this morning and a couple of the flooding near my house from the day before.  If you get a chance, try and find some footage, if you haven't already seen some.  It is totally heart wrenching.


  1. Oh! So sad that is happening, I just watched on the tv news this morning about it.
    I hopenothings worst happen. Take care!

  2. It's been very full on, hey! Hoping the rest of your week wasn't too wet, and wishing you and your friends a speedy clean up!