Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A new year clean up

This year one of my resolutions is to be more organized, instead of organized kaos.  The start of school will be the real test when Alby starts prep, as well as Stella going to school and Ginger toilet raining and all that other mummy stuff that spins my brain.  I thought I would start in my studio area.  Here is some pictures of my clean space.

Last year I bought some zip lock bags for the conservation of my patterns, however it was impossible to get the air out of the bags and they just did not sit still.  After some online research I found you could buy comic book bags from amazon, 99 for about $10.  Being impatient though, I went to the local plastic bag supplier and bought 500 for $10.

This rainy weather is perfect for a spring clean in summer.  I just finished bagging my patterns and it took a while because I kept stopping to study them.  But I'm cream crackered now and will find a good storage spot tomorrow.  Oh, and I am missing a few, so I will have to search for them.  They are somewhere in this room, which is meant to be my screenprinting exposure room!

Another resolution I made was to find a way to combine sewing and art.  A collaboration of the 2.  Like Salvidor Dali's and the House of Schiaparell's  Lobster Dress. I do love a quirky print and a fab frock!
Lobster Dress


  1. Nice space for you, I wish I could have one.....I sew in my dining room,on the table I have my two sewing machines, in the tv room I have my patterns and in the closet in bags I have lots of fabrics and I REALLY need a space for my sewing things!!
    I like your space! I didn't know about that special plastic bags you say, I'm gonna research about them to see if I can find them here in mexico.
    Ah! ncie dress with that lobster!

  2. how very japanese of you doing the New Year 'Big Cleaning' ^.^
    room looks lurvely. and i think i have quite a few of your missing patterns.

  3. Why thank you Lizzy and Mazzy. I do love my space, if only it stayed that clean and tidy.

    Maz I found a big box of missing patterns, at least another 100, eek. Maybe I need to cull them. I am a hog! One day you can send patterns back, specially Ginny's size.

    I was feeling Japanese in my New year Clean up, I only wish I remembered the words.

  4. What a wonderful sewing space. I especially love the old suitcases you have for storage (fabric?) and that huge table for cutting etc!
    Can I also add I LOVE the name Ginger for a girl. It would have worked so well for my strawberry-blonde kids but I had all boys....