Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rock'n'Roll saved my life.

How adorable are little girls in full circle skirts teamed with tulle underlays.    I have been on a  mission lately, making skirts as presents and also just because.  I have added poodles, cats, and sweetie appliques, some made from vintage fabric swatches on the skirts; topped with sequins and fake diamonds.  Ah, every girl's dream (except for Ginger, who loves her boy's clothes!)  I wish I was was my Mummy when I was a little girl, but then maybe I wouldn't be into sparkles and frocks now.  Here are my girls Stella and Ginger and my friend's daughter Lili twirling like noting else.
Banana splits

Action shot

Close up of cat and poodle applique

Ginger, just because she is Gorgeous

Poor Al, looking on.

Wallflowers?  Never.

Lili, Stella and Ginger.  Totally cute.

So that's what they wear under their skirts.