Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Vintage Darlings.

Check out these Vintage Darlings.  I love that Stella loves her vintage styles as much as her Mumma.  And the other little girl is my friend Mazzy's little girl Lili.  Cute a s buttons.

I have been going to the local trash and treasure style markets for years now and never found any old patterns.  I have bought vintage bias binding, ric rac, wrapping paper and other lovely goodies from a lady that use to have a haberdashery shop in the 70's.  A few weeks ago I accosted her and queried whether she had any patterns from her shop days.  She replied that she had patterns from when she was a dress maker but they were stored somewhere at her house.  Being the elderly woman that she is she told me the longest story about how she never throws anything out and that before she was married in 1948 she was my size and that she still had all her dresses.  Anyway, I got a phone call from Rita on the weekend and her brother has all her Mum's patterns still and that I can buy them.  A lot of 40 patterns for $30.  It's like Christmas people, my heart skipped a beat and I can barely wait.  Early April is when I should get them all.  Yippee.  It has inspired Rita to find her stash too.  Excited!


  1. Does she have any vintage dresses to sell that you don't want?? Pls let me know if yes, my email is in my blog sidebar, ta.


    That is like a dream come true! I was at a loose end a few years back, and googled up the classifieds in Canberra and a woman had listed all her late-mum's patterns... she really wanted them to go to a good home, so I called her and found out all the patterns were in my size, and resized to fit a petite woman (as we both were/are) and she sold me a whole bunch extra just because I taught myself to sew, just like her mum too.

    So lovely the connections and history this wonderful hobby has! Lucky ducky!