Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More Frocktober and a New Frock

Frocktober has hit the half way mark and how fabulous it is to look fabulous everyday. 

Here I have days 9 through 15, though I will show you Day 11 first, my Tangerine dream.

I have been eyeing off hooded dresses for ages and had even bid and lost them on Ebay.  After much dwelling I short listed a few in Etsy and picked and payed way more than I ever have for this pattern.  Du Barry 5140 from the 1940's. 

I had just put the finishing touches on this dress the morning of Day 11.  It came together quite effortlessly.  The yoked shoulder was a little tricky, only because I freaked myself out because I had never done it before.  Once I resounded to the fact that it was alright to hand stitch the gathered sleeve onto the shoulder to make the lovely round shape then the kids were alright.  I also need to redo some top stitching as it is wonky, but hey I was rushed I wanted to wear the dress yesterday.

I made the dress from a lovely silky feeling linen and lined the hooded in a darker shade of the same colour.  I love the feel of linen, but bejesus it crinkles!!  ( Ooops, I forgot to put my belt back on, looked better with a belt.)

Tangerine Dream, Du Barry 5140

Du Barry 5140

Beautiful yoke shoulder

Day 9. Handmade lace dress, Gi wears handmade, purchased wrap dress

Day 10. Rita Dress, handmade late 40's, Ginger wears vintage 60's.

Day 11.  New handmade dress, Ginger wears vintage 60's pinafore dress

Day 12.  A Libby frock late 60 hostess, goodness know what Gi is wearing!!

Day 13.  Handmade late 40's pattern, Gi Gi wears 70's.

Day 14.  40's frock, Ginger wears 60's with shirring and pom poms.

Day 15.  Handmade, massive pockets, Gi wears a hand me down.

There it is the half way mark.  I really need to organize the remaining frocks I want to wear as I don't want to miss out on showing you my favourites.  The question is can I wear a gold Lame frock to pick up the kids and will I get an invitation to a fabulous event to throw on my fabulous Victor Costa frock?

My Frocktober this time round is fundraising for research into Ovarian Cancer and my hero meter has had any action for a while.  Hint Hint.


  1. You made your hooded dress! WOW it looks great!! I still haven't got round to doing mine and it's fast approaching too warm for it. Also I haven't found the right fabric - was planning to make it out of linen too.
    One of my vintage 40s items is a linen two piece suit which is SO SOFT I'm sure it's either mixed with rayon or its just so soft from age - would love to find something like that but its proving difficult.

    Anyways - yours is truly awesome - and kudos to being able to wear that colour. The shoulder looks like it would have been tricky!

  2. if anyone can do gold Lame for the school run, its you! ☆ go on.