Monday, October 8, 2012

Froctober 2012

Hey peeps.  It is that time of year again.  Everyday of October 2012, not only will I wear a frock, but so will my little side kick, Ginger.

As a personal challenge to myself I have worn frocks for a month at a time.  This year I will be fundraising for research into Ovarian cancer.  I have an Everyday Hero account for those interested in throwing some money at a great cause.

We are 8 days in.  The first 6 were while we were on holidays at the Sunshine Coast, so we were limited by what we packed.  But we dress to impress and here are the photos to prove it.

Day 1. A refashion kimono

Day 1. A traded dress from the markets

Day 2.  A 50c fave, falling apart

Day 2.  Rocking stripes and leopard.

Day 3.  Op shop special & Gi bought her tu tu that morning from Eumundi markets

Day 4.  Ginger's 1970's embroided kindy tunic

Day 4. Handmade from 70's pattern

Day 5. Made from 70's pattern & fabric. Gi wears 70's frock

Day 5.5.  Off to diner in 60's mexican frock.  Gi is going Mooloolaba chic.

Day 6. 70's Kaftan and 70's strawberry pinafore for Ginger.

Day 7.  A fabulous Bettie Page number

Day 7.  Super cute 60's dress.

Day 8.  Gi Gi wears an American pageant dress, mine made from 50's pattern
There it is so far.  Ginger is mostly embracing it and mostly likes to have her photo taken.  I am making at least one frock for myself for Frocktober, maybe more.  Maybe one for Ginger too.  Stay tuned.


  1. Yay welcome back to blogging (I've dropped off the radar now myself haha)

    that kaftan is WOW!! So awesome! Especially when paired with that "dont f**k with me* face you have in the pic ehehehehe.

    1. I've missed seeing your blog, lucky I get my Esz style fix via facebook;)

      That face by the way is my attempt to look editorial!! Ginger does it way better than moi.